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New Tearaway trailer explains community site, is heavy on beards

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at 04:30pm November 11 2013
Tearaway PS Vita trailer

In case you forgot in the midst of all this PS4 kerfuffle, Tearaway’s nearly here. Everything we’ve seen and played so far suggests it’s been more than worth the wait, and deserves a blip on your radar even among the next-gen Killzones and Assassin’s. Here’s a new trailer that explains the community site which encourages you to make real papercraft models of Tearaways crinkly inhabitants. Be warned: there are more beards in this video than at a fire sale on vests in a northeast London thrift shop.

New Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag launch trailer sails into harbour

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at 12:47pm October 23 2013
Assassin's Creed 4 comicon assets

Harbour being YouTube, of course. At any rate, this new AC IV trailer showcases some of Kenway’s supporting cast, including Anne Bonny, a lesser-known Irish sea-scoundrel who’s apparently something of a protege of Edward’s.

Watch a whole 17 minutes of Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay

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at 04:03pm October 21 2013
Batman Arkham Origins Ps3

To get you pumped for the Dark Knight’s return to PlayStation pastures (and our exclusive review of Batman: Arkham Origins in issue #90, out this Friday), here’s a substantial chunk of gameplay direct from Warner Bros Games Montreal. In it, you’ll get to snoop around the Batcave, sample Bats’ city navigation and hand-to-hand chops, and witness mission involving some bent cops.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD reMIX PS3 trailer – looks lovely, packs in ALL the Kingdom Hearts

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at 02:26pm August 8 2013
Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 1.06.44 PM

Here’s a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD reMIX which is looking amazingly crisp and shiny on PS3 in high definition. The updated Disney / Square Enix crossover features full trophy support and new content comprised of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re:ChainOf Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (which are apparently “HD Cinimatics). So a lot of Kingdom Hearts then. It’s out on September 13th.

Bioshock Infintite Clash Of The Clouds DLC gameplay video – what do you get?

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at 05:49pm August 6 2013
Bioshock Infinite Clash In The Clouds DLC

Here’s me, Joel and a half hour of Bioshock Infinite Clash In The Clouds DLC as he plays through a few levels and explains all the extras you can unlock. I’m not a fan of combat arenas but I’m tempted by the concept art and behind the scenes stuff you can unlock.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is coming July 10th

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at 11:48am July 2 2013
Walking Dead 400 Days

The next instalment of Telltale Game’s beloved episodic survival series is coming to the EU PSN in mere days. The Walking Dead: 400 Days isn’t the start of season two but rather a bridge between the first and second season’s stories, and it’s arriving on July 10th.

Daylight PS4 gameplay footage brings even more survival horror to next-gen

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at 10:48am July 2 2013
Daylight PS4

Here’s a nervy eight minutes of Daylight’s PS4 gameplay. It’s first-person, procedurally generated and so dark that you can forget about playing it on a sunny day unless you’ve got your grandparents’ blackout curtains hung up.

Want to see 16 minutes of Diablo 3 gameplay on PS3? Of course you do

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at 03:52pm June 26 2013
diablo 3 ps3

Well, fifteen minutes of Diablo 3 PS3 gameplay and one minute of teeth-grinding introduction. plenty of time to see how Blizzard’s incredibly polished loot-’em-up is being translated for the Dualshock.

Tekken Revolution E3 Gameplay Trailer rears its head

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at 02:16pm June 10 2013
Tekken Revolution PS3

Here’s a trailer for newly-announced Tekken Revolution. Slow motion sweat, gravity defying hair and a man with a Jaguar mask: it can only be a Tekken trailer. It is back and this time it’s free-to-play on PS3 through PSN.

The Last Of Us multiplayer trailer – see the faction based fight for online survival in action

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at 02:03pm June 5 2013
The last of us multiplayer screens

After all the secrecy you can’t move for The Last Of Us stuff now. Here’s a trailer to better explain how the factions work and show off the four on four shoot outs in action.

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