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Football Manager Classic 2014 PS Vita review – on-the-go obsession let down by its pressing game

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at 12:42pm April 11 2014

As a recovering FM addict (I’ve banned myself from playing the PC version since 2012), playing Football Manager 2014 Classic could have been a disaster. Sure, this handheld version is meant to be less life-sapping and somewhat shallower, but you don’t go around offering weak lager to alcoholics, do you? The series’ PS Vita debut is a solid supplement to that which you spend your nights playing while hoping the wife doesn’t catch you, but there are enough flaws in its implementation to ensure that I came through the experience with only a mild twitch in one eyelid.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster review – In my day, we had random battles and turn-based combat…

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at 02:33pm April 10 2014
Final Fantasy X HD remaster E3 screenshots

Playing Final Fantasy X HD made me simultaneously delighted and dejected. Delighted because it whisked me off to a slightly better version of my childhood – and dejected because it brought into alarming focus the fact that Final Fantasy has been getting gradually worse for years.

Luftrausers PS Vita review – Indie dogfighter shoots to thrill

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at 11:51am March 25 2014
luftrausers ps vita review

Vlambeer showed you a pretty ridiculous way to fish on your smartphone, and the Dutch indie dev’s meditations on aerial combat here in Luftrausers are every bit as absurd. In its own sepia-toned take on the 2D dogfighting arcade game, your plane has less in common with After Burner’s F-14 Tomcat than it does with Orville The Duck. If you’ll excuse the cultural reference so stale I’m actually choking on the spores as I type.

TxK PS Vita review – Arcade wonder raises the Tempest

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at 11:03am February 19 2014

Back in 1994, Jeff Minter shipped Tempest 2000 for Atari Jaguar and came as close as was possible to making the crummy old console worth buying. Unlike the Jag, there are a dozen good reasons to own a PS Vita already – and 20 years after Tempest 2000, Minter’s follow-up might be the best.

Dust Force PS3/Vita review – Diamond of a platformer in need of a polish

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at 12:43pm February 18 2014

Okay, so it might sound a bit like a cleaning product developed by a team of Alan Sugar’s mindless Apprentice candidates – “It’s, like, y’know, a force against dust” – but Dustforce is a slick artistic side-scroller. Tasked with ridding a whole city of grime, you have a choice of janitors who are all blessed with ninja-esque free-running skills and armed with an arsenal of mops and leaf blowers.

Eufloria HD PS Vita review – Didn’t quite grow on us

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at 12:14pm January 23 2014
Eufloria HD PS Vita

When you hear the term ‘asteroids’ chances are you default to memories of a tiny spaceship drifting through space blasting hunks of rock apart and dodging the splintering retro debris. Eufloria HD drops you into a series of asteroid fields, but instead of getting trigger happy, your goal is to colonise them using airborne seedlings. Some levels require you to occupy every asteroid, while others have you focus on reaching a single key asteroid and wresting control of it from the grey seedlings holding it captive.

OlliOlli PS Vita review – Superb 2D skater never leaves you board

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at 12:01pm January 21 2014

Not to brag, but I just stuck the gnarliest 360 Inward Heelflip in virtual skateboarding history. Or maybe it was a Backside Shove-It. Then again, it easily could’ve been a Frontside Bigspin or a Laserflip, I’m not really sure. I’ve been playing OlliOlli obsessively for several days and I’m no closer to memorising the arcane terminology filling the in-game Tricktionary, which offers a handy guide to the left-stick rotation pattern required to pull off the game’s myriad stylish board manoeuvres.

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse – Episode 1 review – meet the point-and-clickstarter

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at 12:36pm January 16 2014

You know you’re onto something good when you’ve been walking around the same room for over an hour without the slightest hint of boredom. My usual short attention span should have me rage-tapping the rear touchpad in frustration – or bailing entirely to have a mild fit at the latest music video/filth reel from Miley – but instead I’m flitting between suspects at a crime scene, uncovering clues, keys and evidence like an adrenaline-fuelled Poirot.

Doki-Doki Universe PS4 review – Cuddly love manifesto in robot adventure form

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at 02:41pm December 20 2013
Doki Doki universe

You will struggle to utter one negative syllable about Doki-Doki Universe’s doodle-centric adventure without suffering huge pangs of guilt, because all it wants is to be your mate. This isn’t the kind of game that looks friendly, but is actually the work of espresso-addled hipsters who flunked their art foundation and are coding to fund their moustache wax habit. Doki-Doki’s warm-hearted visuals are the real deal, and so is the loved-up philosophy that governs its gameplay.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate PS Vita review – deserving of a very firm bat-slap

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at 01:13pm November 20 2013
Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate PS Vita review

“Probably the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had”, might not be the box quote Warner Brothers are looking for but it sums up my time with Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate on PS Vita. An infuriating collection of hours spent trying simply to get from one point to another in a space that quite possibly invents extra dimensions.

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