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Killzone HD restored using Killzone 3 to fix corrupted data

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at 03:34pm October 4 2012
killzone hd

It’s a bit like how the Jurassic Park scientists used frog DNA to fix the dinosaurs. Except in this case it’s Guerrilla devs using Killzone 3 to fix all the broken bits of Killzone 1 HD.

The Golden Joysticks Awards: my top five

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at 03:00pm September 25 2012

Now the HMV Golden Joystick Awards are live it’s time to argue over the nominations and explain to everyone that doesn’t agree with you why they’re wrong. Here are my top five choices for the games that should win.

10 of the best PSN games out now

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at 02:14pm August 29 2012

The Store boasts a plethora of games just waiting to clutter up your hardrive. Here’s 10 of the best PSN games your Playstation needs.

32 upcoming PlayStation exclusives in date order

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at 01:00am August 29 2012

There’s a surprisingly large number of games you’ll only be able to play on your PS3 or Vita. 32 PlayStation exclusives in all between now and 2013. Here, in calendar order, are all the games you need to know about.

The best minis – 10 games for less than £30

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at 10:04am July 9 2012
Screen Shot 2012-06-27 at 11.50.57

There’s plenty of gaming gold hidden in the world of minis. And it’s cheap too. Here are ten of the best. Grab the lot for less than £30.

Sony’s E3 conference: the hidden messages and what they mean for the future of PlayStation

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at 06:04pm June 7 2012
ps3 beyond

There might not have been any PS4 megatons or Metal Gear Solid 5′s at this year’s Sony’s E3 conference but there was a quiet and unstated focus on the future. There was also a lot that Sony didn’t say out loud. Read between the lines, though, and there were plenty of messages that spoke volumes about the future of PlayStation.

PlayStation’s manliest fistfights

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at 02:06pm March 13 2012
playstation fistfights featured done

Nothing screams ‘look at my awesome XY chromosomes’ than stripping one’s virtual britches, cracking your PS3 hero’s knuckles and having a fistfight so damn manly, it would make Captain Price’s soup strainer go all a quiver. The following PlayStation fisticuffs span everything from Metal Gear Solid 4′s geriatric smackdown to The Last Of Us’ hobo scraps. The only rule in this PlayStation fight club? Don’t talk about it… well, that…

Journey interview “The player is an active participant in the event”

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at 05:34pm March 7 2012

I was lucky enough to speak to Austin Wintory yesterday, the composer for Journey, to find out more about the game which we gave 10/10 and a Gold Award. It’s an incredible experience so it was interesting to talk to one of the people involved in its creation. This interview is spoiler free so don’t worry about anything being ruined unless the game having sand in it is a surprise. The…

The PS2 games we need on PSN now

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at 09:54am February 21 2012

As a clutch of PS2 games landed on PSN last week we lost ourselves in misty eyed reminisces about the good times we had with our old boxy friend.  But because we’re never satisfied with anything that we’ve been given we’ve decided to whip up a list of PS2 games we’d like to see given the full treatment and brought over to the PS3. Obviously we’re skipping anything that’s already…

Uncharted 3, Starhawk beta, Skyrim PS3 cards and Hideo Kojima bots: Twitter gaming round up

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at 12:40pm January 31 2012
hideo kojima skyrim ps3 uncharted 3

In this week’s Twitter round up we have Hideo Kojima showing off robots that look like they could have been plucked straight from the upcoming Zone Of The Enders HD remake, Uncharted 3 related info on the StarHawk beta and some delightful fantasy Valentines cards that made us briefly forget about the Skyrim PS3 lag debacle for all of 14 seconds.

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