PS4 PlayStation Now game streaming

PlayStation Now PS4 game streaming using Gaikai

PlayStation Now rental options appear on US PSN Store

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at 11:06am March 14 2014
PlayStation Now rental

Rental options for PlayStation Now have appeared on the US PSN with options for 1, 7 and 30 days. Attempts to download the titles have failed and it’s unclear whether the ‘free’ is place holder or just a really good deal.

Gaikai site reveals PlayStation Now game pricing

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at 12:38pm March 10 2014
playstation now pricing

Potential PlayStation Now prices have been revealed in an update to the Gaikai site, the service powering the technology that lets you stream PS3 games on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

PlayStation Now beta video leaked – game library & loading times shown

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at 12:55pm February 4 2014
PlayStation Now beta

You can always rely on someone to leak a beta. This video shows Killzone 3 being loaded up on Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service, revealing the loading times and current games list available for play.

PlayStation Now private beta invites sent out, PS2 & PS1 emulator also rumoured

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at 10:23am January 29 2014
Playstation Now

Invites for the PlayStation Now private beta have been sent out according to an email forwarded on to IGN. In a separate report a PS2 and PS1 ‘local’ emulator is rumoured to be in the works to play older titles directly on PS4.

PS4 o’clock – Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service explained

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at 02:13pm January 10 2014
ps4 oclock title

We’re back! Well, I’m back at least. Here’s the first PS4 o’clock of the year looking at Sony’s newly announced PlayStation Now service. It streams PS3 games to a range of devices including consoles, TVs mobiles and tablets. Here’s all the info revealed thus far.

PlayStation Now recommended internet speed, pricing plan, trophy & save information revealed

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at 02:07pm January 9 2014
PlayStation Now is Sony's name for its Gaikai cloud streaming technology

Sony has revealed the recommended internet speed required for its streaming game service PlayStation Now. It’s also explained more about game pricing structure, and how PSN IDs, trophies and saves will carry over.

More PlayStation Now details – play The Last Of Us on PS Vita “exactly like Remote Play”

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at 11:03am January 8 2014
PlayStation Now The Last Of Us on PS Vita

More info on Sony’s PlayStation Now has arrived from CES with The Last Of Us, God Of War: Ascension, Beyond Two Souls & Puppeteer being played on PS Vita and a Bravia TV. It’s described as “exactly like a Remote Play experience”.

PlayStation Now will stream PS3 games to your PS4 – Gaikai tech launches in Summer

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at 07:17pm January 7 2014
PlayStation Now is Sony's name for its Gaikai cloud streaming technology

Sony has finally announced its cloud-based streaming service: PlayStation Now. Using Gaikai tech it streams PS3 games to your PS4, PS3, PS Vita and “other internet-connected devices” including this year’s Bravia TVs.

Sony patent suggests plans to remix classic PlayStation games in the Cloud

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at 12:37pm January 3 2014
The Last Of Us new info screens

Sony has filed an interesting patent suggesting plans to enable old games to be remixed on the fly and played in a way they weren’t initially coded to, with little additional programming. Could this be what Naughty Dog were hinting at when they said to see “what the future brings” for The Last Of Us on PS4?

PS4′s Share button streams “20 million minutes of live gameplay” & other crazy stats

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at 02:43pm December 10 2013
Share Button

After announcing that the PS4 Share button had been used 6.5 million times last week Sony has more stats, including total number of broadcasts, spectators and just how much of Twitch is now made up of PlayStation 4 gamers. (Clue: it’s a lot for such a new thing.)

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