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PS4 controller functions including touchpad, Move, Share buttons & more

PS4 DualShock pad now available in red & blue

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at 11:36am August 21 2013
PS4 dualshock red & blue pad

Sony have revealed two coloured PS4 DualShocks in both red and blue. Unlike the old pad which made from the same plastic all over this shows off the seperation between the textured grips and touchpad more prominently.

How PS4 tech could shake up stealth games forever – touch controls, second screens, access to your Facebook…

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at 10:24am August 20 2013
MGS 5 e3 screens

Stealth games haven’t really changed since Snake first climbed out of the water way back on PS1. There are walls. You hide behind them. Strangle people. You know the drill. However, PS4′s heaving feature-set could completely shake up the way we sneak, snipe and sleuth forever…

8 ways PS4′s DualShock 4 could shake up your PS4 gaming

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at 10:49am August 13 2013

With the new Dualshock 4′s new precision motion control, motion tracking, lights, speakers and more there are plenty of ways it could totally change the way we play games on PS4. Here are eight tantalising predictions to get you excited you spanking new controller.

10 reasons PS4 will beat PS3 from day one – prepare to want one even more

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at 01:33pm August 10 2013
Amazon PS4

If you haven’t yet realised just how much of a leap the next generation of PlayStation is going to be, allow us to be your guide. We outline the things PS4 is doing differently and the tech that’s going to make your PS3 feel old real fast.

Planetside 2 cross-play a no go but plenty of PS4 pad control ideas on the way

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at 11:29am August 5 2013
Planetside 2 PS4

Planetside 2 won’t allow cross-platform play between PS4 and PC but character swapping between formats might be possible says creative director Matt Higby. He’s also talked about how new DualShock 4 controller features like the touchpad, motion control, lightbar and speaker could be used.

PS Vita won’t function as a PS4 controller unless “specifically programmed”

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at 12:40pm July 29 2013

Shuhei Yoshida has answered an interesting question on Twitter explaining that the PS Vita has no native ability to function as a PS4 controller, “unless specifically programmed” to do so.

PS4 DualShock hands on & PS3 pad comparison

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at 12:43pm July 9 2013

Here’s Official PlayStation Magazine ed Ben and CVG’s James Jarvis with a PS4 DualShock to answer those all important questions: What’s it like and how does it compare to your trusty PS3 pad.

9 Things You Didn’t Know About PS4

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at 09:55am July 5 2013

All those bizarre, burning questions you were afraid to ask answered at last; from what’s so special about the light-bar to what’s the equivalent weight of the PS4 in groceries.

One button to rule them all – Devs talk up PS4′s Share button

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at 10:57am June 24 2013
Share Button

Offering a window into effortless, elegant multimedia sharing and social functionality, the PS4′s Share button has just about everyone talking. From Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer to Tim Schefer we asked some of PlayStation’s biggest names about the possibilities PS4’s fully integrated sharing functionality could bring.

Hands on with the new PS4 controller at E3 – Clickable touchpad & better everything

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at 04:55pm June 12 2013
PS4 Dualshock 4 controller

E3 gave me my first hands on with the new PS4 controller and I have to say it was actually not what I expected. There are lots of subtle changes at play from overall scale to button profiles, trigger resistances and more. But importantly it’s all for the better.

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