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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn gets a trailer to celebrate its PS4 release

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at 12:58pm April 14 2014
Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 12

A Realm Re-Reborn? A Realm Reborn Again? A Realm Revengeance? However you’d like to classify this PS4 version of the PS3 overhaul of the PC MMO based on the PS2 RPGs, it’s out. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launches on PlayStation 4 today, and to celebrate Square Enix has released a new trailer full of AoE magic attacks, elf ears and sea monsters.

New H1Z1 info: clever Redditors find secret panoramic screenshot and further treasures on official site

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at 12:00pm April 14 2014

Good work, rholk and Super1d. This pair of Redditors uncovered an easter egg within the official H1Z1 site that links out to a huge panoramic screenshot of the game.

New Evolve PS4 screenshots show unfriendly wildlife, jetpacks & class loadouts

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at 10:30am April 14 2014
Evolve 1

A new batch of Evolve PS4 screens have emerged from the waters of PAX East on their hind legs to show you what Turtle Rock’s new shooter is all about. The Left 4 Dead studio is morphing its 4-way co-op into an asymmetric 4v1 man versus monster experience, and these are the lush locales and unsettling wildlife you’ll meet while on the hunt.

Trials Fusion ‘competition’ trailer is full of screaming, crashing

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at 04:18pm April 11 2014
Trials Evolution PS4

Trials is coming to PlayStation, hooray! And there’s every chance Trials Fusion will be the best yet – hooray! Isn’t hooray kind of a strange word when you see or hear it this much in succession? This competition trailer for Red Lynx’s latest includes a lot of quite haunting screams, still more satisfying downramps and vertical jumpers, and a general sense of something very, very good about to happen to PS4 when the game arrives on April 15th.

Driveclub doesn’t have any microtransactions, design director promises

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at 03:44pm April 11 2014
Driveclub was originally the free PS Plus game for PS4's launch

Driveclub’s design director Paul Rustchynsky has offered reassurance to Driveclub fans in the wake of Trial Frontier’s microtransaction maladies, taking to Twitter to confirm the Evolution Studios PS4 racer won’t feature them.

Ubisoft Montreal is targeting 1080p for Watch Dogs on PS4

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at 02:41pm April 11 2014
watch dogs PS4 screens

Ubisoft Montreal’ s cinematics animation lead Lars Bonde has confirmed that the team’s aiming for “full HD” 1080p visuals for the PS4 version of Watch Dogs.

8 ways MotoGP 14 on PS4 is exactly like the real thing

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at 11:18am April 11 2014
MotoGP 14

There’s nothing quite like a real Moto GP race. Except, that is, for MotoGP 2014 on PS4, which is pretty much exactly like a real Moto GP race. Having sampled both in Qatar recently, it’s easy to point out the similarities. Ah, if only the game could capture the smell of the exhaust fumes. Turns out Moto3 bikes smell like go-karts… and MotoGP bikes smell like… awesome. But games can’t do that, so check out these 8 actual recreations of real life heading to your PS4.

PS4 indie Transistor gets a May release date

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at 10:35am April 11 2014

Transistor, the PS4 indie title from the studio that made Bastion, has a specific release date. Supergiant Games will release the isometric action-RPG on May 20th, and it’ll cost you £14.99 here in the UK and $19.99 in the states.

Here’s a PS4 trailer for The Last Of Us Remastered

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at 04:59pm April 10 2014
The Last Of Us PS4

Following its official announcement, Sony’s released a trailer for The Last Of Us Remastered on PS4 which shows off the new, ‘remastered’ graphics. Anyone else think it looks a bit like a pop-up book now? No matter. Enjoy.

PS4: The Ultimate handbook on sale now – here’s how to get it

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at 12:47pm April 10 2014
Bookazine 2 cover

OPM’s own encyclopaedia of next-gen, PS4: The Ultimate Handbook is on sale now. Inside, you’ll find over 30 reviews of the best games on the platform so far, previews on the big-hitters that haven’t arrived yet, tonnes of handy tips for getting the most from your machinery and much more.

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