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Watch Dogs PS4 review – A neat twist on sandbox formulae, if you can hack it

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at 04:57pm June 24 2014

Most people use their phones for texting friends, spamming Facebook feeds with stupid grinning selfies and rage-Tweeting First Great Western when all the trains in the world seem to have driven into black holes, leaving commuters stranded and furious on rainy platforms. Aiden Pearce uses his phone to control an entire city and download the personal data of each and every citizen, then covers off the spiralling data costs by skimming cash out of the bank accounts of unfortunate passers-by.

Watch Dogs PS4 review in progess: Editor’s note

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at 11:34am May 27 2014
watch dogs PS4 screens

Happy Tuesday everyone. We understand a lot of you want to know what the score for our Watch Dogs PS4 review is, but the truth is, we don’t yet know – we haven’t even got our copy yet…

Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 review – Nazi blaster gets it all Reich on the night

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at 04:38pm May 21 2014

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler? If you think we’re on the run. We are the boys who will stop your little gam… AHHH! STOP SICCING YOUR MASSIVE ROBO DOG ON US!

New Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer has a hard line on officiating sporting events

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at 03:41pm April 8 2014
Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 3

Here’s a new Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer. I don’t know what to make of it, really. Light-hearted one minute, dark and brooding the next… the only definite you can pin to this one is that if that ref were actually given work, there’d be no danger of falling asleep during Match of the Day.

Mercenary Kings PS4 review – crafty side-scrolling Tribute can be a Metal Slog

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at 04:06pm April 7 2014
Mercenary Kings PS4

The retro movement in indie game development has caught its own tail. Its games no longer emulate the blockbusters of the early ’90s, but augment the timeless presentation of your most prized SNES cartridges with systems nobody was ready for in 1992. As it happens, some of us can barely hack them now.

inFamous Second Son PS4 review – Superhero sandbox leaves you sleepless in Seattle

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at 02:00pm March 20 2014
inFAMOUS Second Son PS4 review

We need to talk about inFamous Second Son‘s hero Delsin. No, really. A stern conversation is in order. Sure, we can overlook the constant graffiti, cocky quips and those times he inexplicably clambers along skyscraper window sills. But now he’s run away from his Akomish tribe and on top of that, smoke keeps billowing from his extremities. The only way you’re going to discipline him is by buying this consistently…

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes PS4 review – Snake’s in the rain for brilliant but not so Big Boss prologue

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at 07:00am March 18 2014

You want to know how short Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is, right? The answer falls somewhere between the length of Bilbo Baggins’ little finger and your average episode of Pingu. That’s the conundrum when reviewing Hideo Kojima’s oh so slight Snake teaser: how do you score a game that is unquestionably brilliant but lasts less than a Corrie omnibus? Assuming you’ve skipped ahead to that respectably sized digit, though, you’ll see I’ve clearly managed. Yes, this espionage appetiser is over sharpish. But for the time it lasts, the Phantom Pain’s prologue is better than the majority of full-length games on PS4.

Thief PS4 review & gameplay – Brave but bare-bones reboot shows the strife of crime

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at 02:00pm February 24 2014
Thief ps4 screens

One half of you can take down the ticker tape. The other half can call off the firing squad. Against all odds, Eidos Montreal’s Thief reboot has managed to slink between nostalgia-flavoured excellence on one side and forumite-death-threat-incurring disaster on the other, dodging both to arrive safely at, “yeah, quite good.”

Strider PS4 review – I can be your Hiryu, baby

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at 12:03pm February 24 2014
Strider PS4 screens

You’d think bringing an 8-bit icon like Strider back into the gaming fold would be risky. Balancing some vigorous nods to the past, while injecting a fresh dose of DNA could have easily ended in a halfway house no one really wanted to occupy. Well, clearly no one told Double Helix that, because Strider takes all the elements that made its predecessors so incredible and makes this new effort look… well, effortless.

Outlast PS4 review & gameplay – who needs a good night’s sleep anyway?

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at 11:35am February 4 2014

After what seems like years without a decent horror game on PlayStation, Outlast is going to feel like a gift to scare fans. A horrible, horrible gift. A six to seven hour take on Slender meets Fatal Frame crossed with that bit in Bioshock when you turn around and there’s a man behind you. There’s always a man behind you.

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