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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 review – Confused finale has you fighting time more than monsters

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at 11:48am February 14 2014
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 screens costumes

In this closing chapter to the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy, time is most certainly not on your side. The world is ending and you have a mere 13 days to save enough souls to repopulate a new planet – or, if you screw things up, significantly less. It’s a task that leads you down some familiar paths – healing chocobos, tending to mythical trees, crossing blades with former allies – but you’ll need one mascara-lined eye on the clock the entire time.

The Last Of Us Left Behind review – an excellent but all too short exploration of friendship

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at 06:00am February 14 2014
The Last Of Us Left Behind review spoiler free

This review is spoiler free.

I’d have been happy if The Last Of Us Left Behind DLC gave me a few extra hours in that world. A brief chance to experience new content, to relive and remember just how good it was. I wasn’t expecting this, in barely three hours, to pack in just as much emotion, impact and subtly groundbreaking moments as the full game. The length? The length’s an issue, but the quality’s undisputed.

The Last Of Us Left Behind review screens

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at 06:00am February 14 2014
The Last Of Us Left Behind review spoiler free

There aren’t actually any spoilers in this selection of screens. Same for my The Last Of Us Left Behind review. There’s certainly nothing here that Naughty Dog hasn’t already mentioned so it’s safe unless you’re going zero exposure.

Carnivores HD: Dinosaur Hunter PS3 review – Tense lizard blaster goes bland before its time

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at 11:15am January 23 2014
Carnivores HD Dinosaur Hunter

Remember that nerve-jangling bit in Jurassic Park where Muldoon silently stalks two Raptors through a sweltering Costa Rican jungle? Well Carnivores HD: Dinosaur Hunter is kinda like that… if Bob Peck had spent 45 minutes cowering in a bush before getting “Clever Girl-ed” into fleshy tatters. Slow-burning, often unspectacular, this PSN hunter nevertheless has a charming depth if you’ve got the patience to unearth it.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse PS3 review – Puzzler keeps its finger on the… hang on, I’m stuck

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at 11:13am January 22 2014
Magrunner Dark Pulse

Peanut butter and jam. Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie. A 50ft gorilla and a half-naked blonde starlet. Your physics teacher was right: opposites really do attract. Although magnetising different coloured cubes to solve platform puzzles isn’t quite as exciting as some King Kong-sized foreplay. Sadly.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD review – Has the redressed adventure made more of its looks?

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at 04:49pm January 20 2014
Assassin's Creed Liberation HD

Back in the day I reviewed the Vita version of Liberation. In short: I didn’t like it. It was technically shoddy, with glitches aplenty, possessed an uninteresting story, and shoehorned in touchpad mechanics for no Earthly reason. One of these issues has been fixed in this PS3 HD re-release – stroking the back of your DualShock will achieve nothing bar making you look a bit weird – and another is certainly reduced, with far fewer immersion-shattering technical issues. However: I still don’t like it.

The Walking Dead Season Two Episode One: All That Remains PS3 review

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at 11:49am January 15 2014
the walking dead season two

Just as the credits roll on Telltale’s characteristically brutal opening episode of a whole new season of episodic walker-bashing, art editor Milf walks into the room. “Have you… have you been crying?” He asks. There aren’t many games out there capable of orchestrating such a scenario.

Minecraft: PS3 Edition review – Like Lego, but way less painful to stand on

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at 11:05am January 10 2014
Minecraft Mojang

You might have heard of this one. In fact if you’re not already familiar with Minecraft, the sandbox survival sim that sold over 13 million copies, the low-res Java-based game that became instantly iconic, the title responsible for roughly 99% of all YouTube’s content… well, I don’t even know where to start. Do you know what year it is? Are you a time-traveller? I promise I won’t freak out.

Doki-Doki Universe PS4 review – Cuddly love manifesto in robot adventure form

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at 02:41pm December 20 2013
Doki Doki universe

You will struggle to utter one negative syllable about Doki-Doki Universe’s doodle-centric adventure without suffering huge pangs of guilt, because all it wants is to be your mate. This isn’t the kind of game that looks friendly, but is actually the work of espresso-addled hipsters who flunked their art foundation and are coding to fund their moustache wax habit. Doki-Doki’s warm-hearted visuals are the real deal, and so is the loved-up philosophy that governs its gameplay.

Gran Turismo 6 review – Racing to the end of generation

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at 11:20am December 12 2013
Gran Turismo 6 PS3

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a racing driver. Well, until one life-affirming evening in 1997 when I popped over to my mate’s house to play a new game called Gran Turismo, and decided that this’ll pretty much do (aim high, kids). Still, I had goals: since getting into the games writing biz I’ve yearned to slap a score on a GT, and fifteen years after that first barrier-bothering lap of the High Speed Ring, the day’s come. Gran Turismo 6 review? Here we go…

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