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E3 2014 – the conference times, the games, and everything else you need to know

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at 11:56am June 9 2014

E3 2014 is upon us. Hope you’re all stocked up on triple espressos, because the next couple of days are about to get pretty wild. There are conferences from Sony and Microsoft to analyse and digest, in addition to the other major publisher show floor demos. Here’s everything you need to know about the coming days, including conference times and the games we’re expecting appearances from.

Watch the first 30 minutes of Batman Arkham Origins’ Cold, Cold Heart DLC pack

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at 04:02pm April 14 2014
Batman Arkham Origins DLC Cold Cold Heart

What’s this new Cold, Cold Heart DLC for Batman Arkham Origins all about, then? Find out for yourself with this 30-minute video demonstrating the game’s opening half hour.

GTA Online’s Capture Creator tool goes live 11th April, double GTA$ and RP for Capture jobs until then

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at 11:49am April 10 2014

Rockstar has put out the good word that its Capture Creator tool for GTA Online will be released this Friday April 11th. The tool allows you to create your own Capture jobs with four variants (Contend, GTA, Hold and Raid), submit them to the Rockstar Social Club and let all and sundry play, share and rate them.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – read all the exclusive info in OPM #96, on sale Friday 11th April

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at 03:18pm April 9 2014

Info on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel officially went live today, and we’re delighted to say you’ll be able to read all about Gearbox’s new PS3 shooter in issue #96 of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, on sale this Friday 11th April.

New Hotline Miami 2 trailer is a VHS nightmare, shows dual-wielding and SO MANY caved-in heads

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at 10:56am April 9 2014
Hotline Miami 2

Crikey, that’s a lot to take in early in the day. Unsettling VHS distortion, RGB splits, beating mean to death with doors… I need another fruity tea. Hotline Miami 2 is out on PS3 and PS4 this autumn, and though there are plenty of surface similarities to its storied predecessor this trailer also showcases some new content. Dual uzi-wielding and chainsaw kills being the most eye-catching.

Is this the unluckiest GTA V player ever? Watch 34 seconds of incredible misfortune befall poor Murat

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at 02:33pm April 8 2014
Unluickiest GTA V player

Poor old Murat. If he isn’t the unluckiest GTA V player out there, it’d be just his luck to come up second place. In this incredibly action-packed 34-second video, the hapless player falls victim to increasingly improbable disasters. Either that or he and his mates are slapstick geniuses who choreographed the whole thing to perfection. Either way, it’s quite the watch.

New Destiny screens and info – no AI companions, loot isn’t randomised, on-the-fly loadout changes in competitive matches

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at 04:45pm April 7 2014
Destiny 5

Bungie opened up its community mailsack recently and scattered razor-sharp shards of Destiny info all over its devoted fans. Oh, and some screens, too. The salient points? You won’t be able to recruit AI companions, as Bungie would rather you made use of all the other actual people milling around the solar system instead. There’s also a glimmer of info on the loot system – you’ll stumble across raw materials to upgrade your gear, and loot drops won’t be totally randomised but rather tailored to your class and level. Last, you’ll be able to change loadouts on-the-fly during competitive play, though there’s nothing stopping you being blown to smithereens as you do so.

Battlefield 4 players find an ENORMOUS shark in Naval Strike DLC

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at 02:32pm April 7 2014
Battlefield 4 megalodon

Look, I don’t like to use caps. But look at the size of that shark. It’s literally bigger than most of the small islands around it. It’s a legitimate Megalodon. Biblically terrifying. BF4 players found the beast after hearing rumours of its addition to the Parcel Storm map as part of the Naval Strike DLC. Lord knows how they discovered that in order to coax it out, ten players have to amass around a certain buoy, but by Jove they did it.

New Watch Dogs trailer shows what you get inside the £80 Vigilante Edition

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at 12:50pm April 7 2014
Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 12

Yep, another Watch Dogs special edition. Apparently Ubisoft didn’t feel that the Deadsec Edition (£90), UPlay Edition (£60), Special Edition (£60) and Standard Edition didn’t offer enough choice to the discerning consumer, so here’s another Vigilante Edition (£80, or £110 with the optional Downtown Pack). Still can’t decide which one to get? Why not buy them all? After all, a good quality game merch hoodie never goes out of fashion.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil trailer teaches you new skills & celebrations

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at 10:24am April 7 2014
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Here’s a new trailer for FIFA’s upcoming standalone World Cup game on PS3. In it, you’ll learn a few additional tricks and celebrations for the most lithe and flamboyant of your players. And, sure, the instructions show the naughty buttons rather than ours, but let’s try to rise above it, we all know their equivalents by now anyway. In other news: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil sounds like it was named by throwing magnetised words onto a fridge door to determine their order.

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