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Platinum Club – GTA 5 trophy guide

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at 12:22pm January 6 2014
GTA 5 ps3 review

After what feels like nine years of waiting (mainly because it really has been that long), we finally get to head back into San Andreas on a crime spree – and this time, there’s a set of GTA 5 trophies that this guide will help you get.

Minecraft PS3 beginner’s tips & tricks: how to survive, what to build first, & more

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at 03:51pm January 2 2014
Minecraft PS3 edition

Why do you need a Minecraft tips guide? Because freedom is crippling. There are so many possibilities that your first instinct is to either start skipping about exploring the horizon or to stand frozen in indecision, unsure whether to plough straight into that 1:1 scale model of the Enterprise you had planned or go on a pig-slaying crusade.

The 10 best PS3 games of 2014 – the big names lighting up PlayStation 3 this year

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at 10:00am January 1 2014
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 screens costumes

Just because PS4′s here doesn’t mean it’s over for PlayStation 3 in 2014. In fact it might actually be a good thing as next-gen ideas and tech filter down on to Sony’s old faithful. With that in mind here’s Official PlayStation Magazine’s 10 best 2014 PS3 games. From things like the stern face of challenges like Dark Souls 2 or cros-gen stuff like Watch Dogs, right through to platform favourites like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy up there. It’s going to be a big year and here are the reasons why.

The 20 best PlayStation games of 2013 – the top reader voted PS4, PS4 & Vita titles of the year

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at 10:00am December 30 2013
Killzone Shadow Fall

The result of a cross Facebook/Twitter vote these are the 20 best PlayStation games of 2013. This is what you voted as the biggest things to happen on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita this year. As ever there are some surprises, a few shoe-ins and probably some you’ll violently disagree with on a personal level. Just remember this is the result of a collective poll so majority rule applies, not personal taste. Here. We. Go.

It’s Christmas! Have drink with some of the best videogame booze

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at 10:00am December 24 2013
deus ex human revolution art

If there’s one thing you can be sure of at this time of year it’s that people will probably drink a little bit more. I’m not saying it’s a good thing but there’s no escaping that for most, Christmas cheer usually comes with a mixer. With that in mind we look back at some videogame booze – from those partial to a drop, through to famous pubs. Merry Christmas.

PS4 is like a Doctor Who regeneration – we shed a self and inhabit a new one

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at 10:00am December 23 2013
PS4 console & menu

I was struck while moving house recently by the discovery of a PS2 memory card. I thought of the contents – a PES 5 master league, a Resi 4 save, a near-full collection of Burnout 3 cars. A series of lives, interrupted. I hadn’t said goodbye to any of this stuff – it was just left, in progress, in a box on a shelf.

7 essential Gran Turismo 6 tips – ace every race and send microtransactions packing with our expert knowledge

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at 10:29am December 19 2013
Gran Turismo 6 PS3

It might not be the jewel in the series’ crown, but Gran Turismo 6 remains a veritable Mecca for serious racers on PS3. ‘Hang on though OPM, what’s all this about microtransactions?’ You ask us, glowering. ‘And the cars handle all funny now, it’s almost like… it’s like I have to concentrate.’ Yep, the economy’s changed drastically since GT5, the handling model even more so. But with our pearls of motoring wisdom you’ll be back to steamrolling everyone and taking a morning swim in your enormous vault full of credits before you know it. I’m legally obliged by the game journalist’s guild to say something like ‘start your engines’ at this point.

RetroStation: Deus Ex – PS2′s seminal thinking man’s shooter

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at 11:56am December 18 2013
deus ex

Here we go, then. The games writers’ game. The mythical masterwork that anyone old enough to remember when trenchcoats and shades were a legitimate style choice just can’t let go. Deus Ex changed more than just a genre, because it can’t be pinned down to just one. More accurately, it changed both the gamer and game designer’s perception of what’s possible in the medium. We’re already deep into smoking jacket, brandy-sipping, beard-caressing territory here, but just go with it and we promise we won’t start quoting Nietzsche.

The 50 best LittleBigPlanet levels ever made – the most amazing things you’ve built

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at 10:26am December 17 2013
lbp nyan cat level

There’s a lot of stuff to be found in LittleBigPlanet so we’ve rounded up a few of the best levels out there – the creations and crafting that really stand out. We’ve separated these out into groups to make it easier to navigate. In no particular order here are the best game homages, weird levels, cutscenes, multiplayer games and tv/movie recreations.

Official PlayStation Magazine’s greatest PS3 games – the best of the generation

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at 12:01pm December 11 2013
Greatest games on PS3

The PS3 isn’t dead yet – let’s make that clear – but as the focus shifts to PS4 and Sony’s next-gen future we look back at those games that have shaped the world we’re about to enter. Those titles that have stood out and made their mark on PlayStation.

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