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Retrostation: TimeSplitters 2 – revisiting monkey-loving champion of PS2 shooters

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at 02:28pm March 12 2014

Though it’s often easy to forget, there really was life before the internet. A time in which games like TimeSplitters 2 existed without the assistance of universal connectivity; a time when the only person ribbing you for your shambolic gaming performance was the dude next to you, not some potty-mouthed 12-year-old with a headset.

Dark Souls 2 Covenant guide – tips for finding & picking the best fit for you

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at 12:17pm March 12 2014
dark souls 2 Covenant Blue Sentinel

Mastering Dark Souls 2′s covenants are crucial to progressing in the game. These groups give you access to protection and help, as well as hugely useful items, weapons and spells. They also open up the game’s online portion with PvP and co-op options. Here’s our guide to choosing and finding the one best for you.

Watch Grounded: The making of The Last Of Us – go behind the scenes with Naughty Dog

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at 10:40am February 25 2014
Watch Grounded: The making of The Last of Us - go behind the scenes with Naughty Dog

Grounded is a full hour and a half making of, looking behind the scenes of The Last Of Us from start to finsih and with full access to Naughty Dog and the cast. It’s pretty amazing and all but essential if you’re a fan of the game.

Killing with kindness – remembering Bioshock’s shattering plot shocker

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at 11:59am February 10 2014
bioshock would you kindly

Would you kindly… stop reading this and finish Ken Levine’s seminal Bioshock if you haven’t already done so. Back in the room? Splendid. Now that we’ve all witnessed last generation’s mightiest spoiler, let us raise a giant drill hand in celebration of a moment that will forever make us suspicious of unfailingly polite Irishmen.

Seriously, the best GTA 5 stunt so far – Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads

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at 05:15pm February 7 2014
gta 5

I’m not going to say too much about this so as not to spoil it, but safe to safe this is a pretty damn incredible GTA 5 stunt. I wonder how long it took them to get it right?

Platinum Club – trophy tips to 100% Beyond Two Souls

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at 03:34pm February 7 2014
Beyond E3 screens

No one knows what happens to us after we die, but with the promise of supernatural silverware calling us to the other side, we bravely delve into the great wide Beyond. As the game is heavily story driven, almost all of the trophies are hidden, which is great for avoiding spoilers, but means a guide is essential if you want to bag them all in the minimum two playthroughs required.

Dark Souls 2 – From Software’s Tanimura & Shibuya explain summoning, covenants & more

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at 10:47am January 28 2014
Dark Souls 2 screens

Anyone who’s played Dark Souls knows the hard swallow that occurs on being briefed that someone with an intimidating PSN ID like Psycho_Punisher666 has invaded your world. You see that person’s glowing-red phantom sprinting across the map with Zweihander at the ready, hunting you like prey and closing on your position fast. No survival-horror game has matched the terror of the seconds leading up to that fateful clash.

New Dark Souls 2 screenshots show giants, old hags and a dude with a shack on his back

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at 12:17pm January 17 2014

Though From Software hasn’t thought about the prospect of PS4 Dark Souls 2 yet, the PS3 version is shaping up to be a horrifically hard corker. These new screens reveal big ol’ monsters, creepy pensioners and what could be the greatest merchant since Resi 4′s infamous peddler gave Leon a right good creeping.

Drink up, me hearties – it’s PlayStation finest pirates

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at 09:34am January 14 2014
photo 4

Ah, the humble virtual pirate. If he’s not sailing the scurvy seas in search of treasure-hoarding islands, he’s doing folk in with a pair of cutlasses or disguising himself as a tiny metal robot. Wait, come again. Yes, this collection of barmy buccaneers may not be textbook sea rogues, but they can shiver our timbers whenever they damn well please.

RetroStation: Okami – PS2′s Brush with greatness

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at 10:11am January 7 2014
Okami ps2 hd

Despite near-universal rave reviews and a rating of 93 on Metacritic, Okami suffered low sales that resulted in the sad and untimely demise of its developer, Clover Studio. Why? Because it’s a game about a wolf with a magic paintbrush. It was never going to shift as many copies as Gun Shooter 8, but Capcom took a gamble on it anyway, for which we’re eternally grateful.

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