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Beyond: Two Souls hands-on PS3 preview – a mix of Heavy Rain’s highs & every other game’s lows

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at 03:22pm September 11 2013
BEYOND two souls screen

I make no secret of the fact that Heavy Rain is my favourite game on PS3. And, as you’d imagine, that leads to fairly frequent confrontations with Cage-baiting naysayers who refuse to believe anyone could enjoy a twelve-hour button prompt sequence more than Red Dead Redemption.

WWE 2K14 hands-on: Big victory for old school WrestleManiac

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at 04:17pm August 28 2013
WWE 2K14: Hogan vs Savage

Take Two’s debut grap effort turns back the clock with appearances from Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, and many other big names from the ‘80s. But is it Goldberg great or Gillberg terrible? We go hands-on to find out.

New The Evil Within screens & impressions – Mikami plays up to his Resi legacy

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at 12:31pm August 5 2013
The evil within ps3

My first impressions of The Evil Within was that maybe Shinji Mikami is trolling Resi fans, in a good way, with numerous nods to his past. Then there are the other references, though. Things like Silent Hill and Texas Chainsaw that suggest, just maybe, he wants to make a really good, proper, horror game.

Puppeteer hands-on PS3 preview – heads will roll

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at 05:00pm August 1 2013
Puppeteer PS3

We go hands-on with Sony Japan’s disarmingly charming (mostly) side-scrolling adventure, Puppeteer. There’s a kind of magic somewhere in its lines of code that makes you feel like a child while you play it, despite its rather macabre tone and moments of genuinely challenging platforming. Without further ado, let’s raise the curtain.

PES 2014 preview: hands-on proves it’s gone back to the future

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at 12:35pm August 1 2013
PES 2014 Italy 02

New season, new start for Pro Evo? It’s looking very much that way as Ben Wilson goes hands-on with the first Konami football game to incorporate Hideo Kojima’s super-slick Fox Engine.

Wolfenstein: The New Order hands on – I shot ALL the Nazis

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at 04:59pm July 24 2013
Wolfenstein the new order e3 trailer ps4

Favourite bit of playing Wolfenstein: The New Order? Hero B.J. Blazkowicz discovers the Nazi’s went to the moon and hoarsely declares “F*ck you moon” like it had a choice.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist play style trailer – hurt people, kill people & kill people noisily

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at 04:32pm July 24 2013
Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 4

Or Ghost, Assault and Panther as Ubi call it. Basically non-lethal stealth, lethal stealth and screw it, shoot everything. Any of the options look strong to be honest and I’m increasingly liking the look of this more old school styled installment.

Killzone: Mercenary preview – hands-on with Vita’s very literal killer app

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at 03:00pm July 24 2013
Killzone Mercenary PS Vita

We go hands-on with Killzone: Mercenary, the Vita-only shooter from Guerrilla Cambridge that gives you the power to stab a man’s genitals with a mere swipe of the screen and deploy scissor-handed nightmare drones into the battlefield. Who said war never changes?

FIFA 14 PS3 preview: Ultimate Team gets new signings but on-pitch concerns leave title up for grabs

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at 09:00am July 22 2013
FIFA 14 ps3 screens

I recently went hands-on with a 75% finished build of FIFA 14 on PS3. Find out about all the newest info on this season’s FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT for short) and why the new Precision Movement system might not be the stellar new recruit I previously thought.

OlliOlli – a tale of skateboards, hangovers and Sony’s big indie love-in

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at 03:57pm July 19 2013
olliolli ps vita

I suck at OlliOlli. Partly because I was hungover when I met Roll7′s John Ribbins and Tom Hegarty at last week’s Develop conference. And also because it’s hard. Miami Hotline meets skateboarding hard – that weird Stockholm syndrome style frustration where you’re definitely going to fling the Vita any second. Just after you’ve had one more go to check.

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