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Football Manager Classic 2014 on Vita: Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson answers your (and OPM’s) questions

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at 04:43pm April 10 2014

The phone rings. I answer it. “Hi, it’s Miles from Sports Interactive” – a sentence sure to set any Football Manager veteran’s blood flowing. As much as I want to spend an hour telling veteran Sports Interactive director Miles Jacobson about my frankly magnificent Fulham career, asking why 34-year-old Messi is still turning down my contract offers even though Barca haven’t won anything in years, and sending screengrabs of my favourite formations, I refrain. Instead, I put forth a number of burning questions from OPM readers about Football Manager Classic 2014 on Vita, which releases April 11th.

PlayStation’s best getaway drivers – the greatest wheelmen in games

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at 01:03pm April 4 2014
GTA 5 franklin

Prepare for a celebration of speed as we line up some of PlayStation’s best getaway drivers – the wheelman with more skills than morals that have made driving games fun in a crashy kind of way.

The biggest disasters on PS3 – 10 games voted for by Official PlayStation Magazine readers

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at 11:58am April 1 2014

A while back we asked you all a simple question: what was the worst game on PS3? The biggest disaster? The experience that most sullied Sony’s console and left a bad taste in your mouth? You voted and these are the results.

A grizzly tale – Reloading Condemned 2′s terrifying predator scuffle

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at 11:32am March 31 2014
condemned 2

You should always look for the bear necessities, those simple bear necessities…especially when Yogi’s second cousin is about to tear out your windpipe. Yup, Monolith sure knows how to conjure a grizzly that’s more man-eating than your average picnic basket-scoffer. If there’s a prize for the most memorable animal attack on PS3, Condemned 2′s encounter would surely clean up.

South Park The Stick Of Truth guide – all the Summon quests completed

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at 05:47pm March 25 2014
SPSOT Summon Jesus

Need help finding all the summons in South Park The Stick Of Truth? Here’s a handy tips guide to find and complete all the quest required for Mr Slave, Mr Hankey, Jesus & Tuong Lu Kim.

South Park The Stick Of Truth PS3 trophy list

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at 02:13pm March 25 2014
South Park The Stick Of Truth

Need help getting all of South Park The Stick Of Truth trophies? Here a quick list lining them all up for you to tick off. Be warned, amazingly there are spoilers in here if you’re feeling precious about the plot.

The best AIs in PlayStation games – Forging ungodly, computerised smarts? Never a good idea

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at 12:24pm March 25 2014

Up there with zombies and seeing how close you can get to the edge of a drop, artificial intelligences are just the worst idea you can have in games. While the occasional one turns out okay, the rest are murderous circuitpaths with a perfect solution that’s usually a variation on ‘death to the fleshy ones’. Here’s our top pick.

Find the best Dark Souls 2 rings – locations & effects guide

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at 05:35pm March 24 2014
Dark Souls 2 screens

Here’s a tips guide to help you find the 60-odd rings in Dark Souls 2 and make the best use of them. This range of jewellery can affect HP, combat, magic, online elements, status effects and more. They’re found as treasure, awarded for quest completion, joining covenants and so on.

OlliOlli’s big risk: from sh*tty emails to relief – the true story of making a PlayStation indie game from Roll7

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at 03:21pm March 21 2014

So you’ve a successful London digital agency with paying clients and every thing’s going well. But you’ve also got an idea for a game that people seem to like and, to make it happen, means giving all that up: gambling security and potential unemployment on a (half) pipe dream. What do you do? “There is something quite addictive about making people fall on their face a lot,” admits Roll7′s John Ribbins, “let’s can our agency and make a game…”

Dark Souls 2 basics guide: tips for the best weapons, Titanite farming & upgrades

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at 02:11pm March 18 2014
Dark Souls 2 screens

Here’s some handy Dark Souls 2 tips to help with weapons, upgrades and that precious Titanite. This basic guide covers the useful Drangleic Greatsword, armour and shield (think Drake Sword) plus various weapon type pros and cons, plus upgrade and farming advice to max out your Titanite reserves.

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