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Tekken Revolution E3 Gameplay Trailer rears its head

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at 02:16pm June 10 2013
Tekken Revolution PS3

Here’s a trailer for newly-announced Tekken Revolution. Slow motion sweat, gravity defying hair and a man with a Jaguar mask: it can only be a Tekken trailer. It is back and this time it’s free-to-play on PS3 through PSN.

Edge iPad Edition: Last chance sale today

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at 04:47pm July 18 2012

Today’s your last chance to get your hands on the cut-price edition of Edge’s spanking new iPad edition, available for the rest of the day for a cheap-as-chips £1.99/$2.99. What do you get for your slightly-less-than-£2? This issue there’s two interviews with Halo 4′s Phil Harrison and Frank O’Connor, Peter Molyneux talking us through the ideas behind his new studio 22cans, a feature on the making of Super Mario Land…

CVG’s E3 2012 Awards: Vote now

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at 04:40pm May 15 2012

Vote now for your most anticipated game in CVG’s E3 2012 Awards.

GTA 3 – 10 Year Anniversary competition

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at 02:07pm January 10 2012
GTA 3 -10 year anniversary

With all this talk of GTA 5 lately, it’s easy to forget it’s been ten whole years since the release of Rockstar’s GTA 3.  Yup, you are now 3650 days older than you were when you dived into Liberty City on your PS2 with all those weapons cheats memorised.  And you don’t look a day over that 18 rating, honest. With not even a sniff of a release date for…

EA Sports Senior VP Andrew Wilson on FIFA’s online future

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at 09:00am September 15 2011

In the old days, live sport meant either being there or checking Teletext while you read the paper. But in the last few iterations of its major franchises, EA has been trying to work out what live can mean for virtual sport. Is it as simple as a news ticker? As complex as real-world integration of fan networks? Something in between?

FEAR 3 review

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at 05:20pm August 30 2011
FEAR 3 online review

Two modes. That’s all you get online. Two modes for four players, and an online co-op for the main story. No deathmatches or capture the flag – none of the usual stuff you might expect from a shooter’s multiplayer.

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