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What’s on the Store this week: April’s PS Plus games, Killzone Shadow fall DLC & more

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at 03:43pm April 2 2014
Mercenary Kings PS4

Here’s this week’s new PlayStation Store content which sees the arrival of April’s new PS Plus content so that’s Mercenary Kings on PS4, PES 2014 on PS3, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and Hotline Miami as Cross-Buy on PS3/Vita and Moto GP 13 on Vita.

PS Vita Pets gets release date, new details screens & OH GOD THE EYES

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at 03:29pm April 2 2014
PS Vita Pets

New PS Vita Pets details for those not locked into a stare with Death Puppy up there. Firstly it’s got a June 4th release date and then there’s more info on the pet sim meets adventure gameplay. PS Vita Pets gets release date, new details & screens According to developer Spiral House the goal was to “marry a pet game with an adventure game” part of which included, apparently, “talking…

Dark Souls 2 Moon Butterfly Armour is to die for

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at 12:08pm April 2 2014
Dark Souls 2 Moon Butterfly Armour

So it turns out if you finish Dark Souls 2 three times you can unlock the Moon Butterfly Armour. Not only does this make you look fabulous, as this video shows, it turns your character into an absolute PvP beast. Although that might have something to do with finishing the game three times.

Joe Danger adds Media Molecule’s Sackboy, Atoi & Iota on Vita, contains all content to date

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at 03:16pm April 1 2014
joe danger on Vita

Hello Games has popped up to clarify a few more details on the upcoming port of Joe Danger to Vita. The new edition bundles in all the previous games and DLC to make quite the collection. It also throws in Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet with Atoi and Iota from Tearaway for good measure.

What’s on the PSN Store this week? Battlefield 4 Naval Strike, FEZ & COD Ghosts SPACE CATS

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at 03:46pm March 26 2014
Call Of Duty Space Cats

Here’s this week’s PSN Store drop with FEZ really the best new thing on offer next to SPACE CAT STUFF for COD Ghosts, and Battlefield 4′s Naval Strike DLC for premium members. Did I mention the Space cat stuff has whiskers on the cross hairs? There are whiskers on the cross hairs.

New PSN sale gets you Dishonored for £7.99, loads of discounts arriving with today’s update

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at 12:44pm March 26 2014

Look, Dishonored for £7.99. Just buy it already. There’s a whole bunch of other games discounted on the Store when it updates later today, including Dragon Age 2 for £5.49 along with Saints Row, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed 3 and more, plus DLC.

Deus Ex Human Revolution fan film released

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at 12:01pm March 26 2014
deus ex human revolution

Remember that Deus Ex Human Revolution fan film trailer from a while back? Well the finished movie is here and it’s a pretty decent homage to the game – cool glasses? Check. Mechanical elbows? Check. Yelena Fedorova even more badass than Adam Jensen? Check and done.

Fez arrives this week on PS3, PS4 & PS Vita as a Cross-Buy game

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at 04:06pm March 25 2014

Fez finally arrives on PlayStation tomorrow as a Cross-Buy game for PS3, PS4 as PS Vita. It’s also Cross-Save so you can swap between formats while your playing if that’s your bag.

Insomniac celebrate 20 years with a song – Ted Price in a wig = Iggy Pop

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at 02:49pm March 25 2014
Ted Price insomniac

Insomniac reached its 20 year anniversary today and celebrated with a music video that’s equal parts endearing and hand-chewingly embarrassing. Still, the team behind Spyro, Ratchet & Clank and Resistance has earned the right to make a literal song and dance about two decades in the business.

PS Vita update 3.10 adds calender, voice messages & increases app limit to 500

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at 11:27am March 25 2014
ps vita update

PS Vita update 3.10 arrives today and adds a range of new features including a Google compatible calender, voice messaging and the ability to now display 500 apps on the home screen.

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