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“What PS Vita will do best is gaming. PSP confused customers” says Sony boss

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at 12:13pm November 29 2011
Sony PS Vita Jim Ryan

With PS Vita’s February 22nd launch date drawing ever nearer, we caught up with SCEE’s president and CEO Jim Ryan to discuss the gaming heart of the new handheld, the mistakes Sony made with the PSP, and how PS Vita will be stronger as a result.

Darkness 2 – Why you only need one Darkling

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at 12:04pm November 16 2011
Guns and tentacles

You’d think that controlling a demonic horde would be a tempting prospect but Lead Designer at Digital Extremes, Tom Galt, explains why you are far better steering just one Darkling in the Darkness II.

Saints Row: The Third – an interview with writer Drew Holmes

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at 05:18pm November 7 2011
Saints Row 3 PS3

It’s third time lucky for Saint’s Row and we catch up with writer Drew Holmes as he talks up SR3′s story, why it isn’t GTA and striking that fine line between funny and offensive.

Russian BioShock Infinite cosplay is all kinds of hot

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at 03:31pm October 28 2011
Bioshock Cosplay

  [Update: Irrational Games like Ormeli's Elizabeth so much she's now the official face of Bioshock Infinite.] There’s a lot of videogame cosplay out there. Some of it is shocking, some of it is hot. This is absolutely the latter. Meet Russian cosplayer, Aleksandrovna Moleva – known to her friends as ‘Ormeli’. Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s eagle-eyed cosplay hunters tracked down this talented Moscow-based fantasy-dresser on her Flickr account – our interest piqued inintially…

Interview with Uncharted novel’s Chris Golden

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at 01:02pm October 28 2011
Uncharted The Fourth Labyrinth

It seems no amount of Uncharted Material can sate fan’s appetites. We caught up with Christopher Golden, whose new novel Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth takes Drake on yet another globe-trotting adventure, and spoke with him about inspiration, Naughty Dog’s input and more.

Golden Joystick Awards 2011: industry predictions

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at 03:01pm October 21 2011

Here’s an interesting little vid full of predictions for the upcoming shower of awards here at the Golden Joysticks. Watch and make your own predictions – like the lottery, except you’ve absolutely no chance of winning any money. Head to for winners, videos and more info.    

House Of The Dead Overkill interview – Headstrong’s Kevin Clarke and Sai Wun Poon

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at 12:51pm October 20 2011
House Of The Dead Overkill Developer Interview

House of the what now? whatsitkill? If you’ve frequented our site lately, you’re probably fairly familiar with Headstrong Games’ latest addition to the House Of The Dead series of on-rails shooters. It’s bold. It’s bloody. It’s full of mutants who explode all over the screen with the slightest provocation. We caught up with producer Sai Wun Poon and designer Kevin Clarke to discuss HD visuals, PS3 exclusives and mutant strippers.

10 Questions: Brink’s Director Richard Ham

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at 01:05pm October 3 2011

EA Sports Senior VP Andrew Wilson on FIFA’s online future

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at 09:00am September 15 2011

In the old days, live sport meant either being there or checking Teletext while you read the paper. But in the last few iterations of its major franchises, EA has been trying to work out what live can mean for virtual sport. Is it as simple as a news ticker? As complex as real-world integration of fan networks? Something in between?

“We weren’t done with Bioshock, but we were done with Rapture.” Irrational Games talk about Bioshock Infinite.

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at 01:00am September 15 2011

Irrational Games’ director of product development Tim Gerritsen discusses Bioshock Infinite and the decision to set it in 1912, Elizabeth, and issues with the original Bioshock game.

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