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10 questions for MotoGP 13′s game director Michele Caletti

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at 11:26am July 3 2013

We chat with MotoGP 13′s director who seemingly lives by the code of a certain facepalm-loving Enterprise captain.

Ken Levine talks Bioshock Infinite development rumours & multiplayer: “It was a little frustrating”

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at 11:56am February 12 2013
Ken Levine

Cast your mind back a few months and clouds seemed to be forming over Bioshock Infinite, with- rumours of mass team departures and cut multiplayer. According to Ken Levine, “It was a little frustrating for us”. Not because anything was actually wrong according to Levine but simply because, “We didn’t have any news for so long it allowed time for speculation”.

Crysis 4′s blank page & rebooting Golden Axe: an interview with Cryteck’s Cevat Yerli & Rasmus Hojengaard

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at 02:00pm February 8 2013

Here’s Crytek CEO and founder Cevat Yerli and director of creative development Rasmus Hojengaard to talk about Crysis 3 and the potentially non-FPS future of the franchise. The also talk about the idea of rebooting Golden Axe 2. Or maybe Double Dragon, they haven’t decided.

Making Silent Hill real: “We want fans to feel like they are living the game”

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at 09:52am November 1 2012
Silent Hill Universal Studios

If you think it’s bad enough on screen, find out what it’s like in real life. We speak to Universal Studios Hollywood creative director John Murdy to find out what it takes to bring Silent Hill into the non digital world.

Star Wars 1313 Interview: Creative Director Dominic Robilliard on collaborating with Industrial Light and Magic

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at 01:02pm September 20 2012

We spoke to Star Wars 1313′s creative director Dominic Robilliard at Lucasfilm, California to find out what it’s like collaborating with the best special effects house in the business, ILM.

Black Ops 2′s multiplayer, zombies & more. Mark Lamia on how Treyarch are “not iterating” COD

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at 01:00pm June 21 2012
Black Ops 2 E3 screens gameplay

We interview Treyarch boss Mark Lamia about everything Black Ops 2, including the new setting, multiplayer, zombies and how this isn’t just another COD.

Are games a part of mainstream culture yet? Ten developers answer

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at 05:00am June 11 2012

We ask ten developers if games are a part of mainstream culture. And if not, what do they need to do to get there?

Black Ops 2 will “surprise and innovate every area” says game’s boss

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at 05:00am May 2 2012
Black Ops 2 PS3 screens

According to Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia, Black Ops 2 will “surprise and innovate in every area”. Speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine UK he the team had “really ambitious goals” adding “I’m very proud of [the team] wanting to take on the challenge of not just iterating on BLOPs but coming up with great new innovative gameplay on every front.”

Hitman: Absolution PS3 interview with director Tore Blystad

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at 11:46am February 20 2012

Hitman: Absolution director Tore Blystad talks about evolving the series while staying true to it’s roots; IO adapting to be a multigame studio and how they’re taking hints on making “complex games” from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montreal. It’s a really interesting interview with loads on both the creative process and the new gameplay mechanics. A must read for any Hitman fan. 

Mass Effect 3 developer interview: exec producer Casey Hudson and lead writer Mac Walters

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at 12:37pm February 16 2012
Mass Effect PS3 Developer interview

Now you’ve had a chance to get a taste of the Mass Effect 3 demo, here’s lead writer Mac Walters and executive producer Casey Hudson to talk character creation, the changes to this instalment, and blowing up Earth. It’s completely spoiler free as well (unless you’ve not played the first game, in which case there’s nothing for you here). 

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