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Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Blu-ray review

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at 10:33am October 24 2011
On Stranger Tides

It’s fair to say that with its prior, overblown back-to-back sequels, the Pirates series didn’t so much drift into troubled waters as career off the edge of the world while on fire. So what hope for instalment four, which would have surprised no one had it been subtitled Plundering The Box Office?

Fast Five

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at 12:36pm September 24 2011
Fast Five blu-ray review

While the stars of this car-boosting franchise might not be so furious anymore, the ever-more-outlandish events of their latest film are likely to leave you feeling just that.

The Social Network Blu-ray review

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at 01:05am September 15 2011
The Social Network

Before the opening credits have rolled, the quality of The Social Network is evident. Then-future Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) is sat in a crowded bar opposite his girlfriend, who is in the process of dumping him.

The Walking Dead Blu-ray review

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at 05:11pm September 14 2011
Screen shot 2011-09-21 at 5.07.48 pm

As anybody who has ever tried cheating on their girlfriend with a zombie will tell you, walking corpses and love triangles don’t normally mix. (‘Why is there an ear in your pocket darling?’) But this AMC drama, based on the classic comic book series, does its best to balance real human emotion (beyond the usual knicker-wetting terror) with gruesome monsters and genuine horror scares.

Buried Blu-ray review

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at 02:29pm September 14 2011

Okay, pop quiz. You’re an American civilian contractor ambushed in Iraq and buried in a coffin. About your person you have a Zippo lighter, a pocket knife, a cell phone that’s miraculously still receiving signal underground and (slight spoiler) a reasonably large snake that you won’t notice is coiled around your leg for the best part of a goddamn hour. What do you do next?

Knight And Day Blu-ray review

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at 02:23pm September 14 2011
Knight And Day

This was never an equation that was going to end well. Take Tom Cruise, oozing charm and class as always. Add Cameron Diaz, feckless and airheaded as you’d expect. And multiply by a farcical script that doesn’t even want to be clever. The result? An action-comedy – with both words used in a particularly loose sense – that’s inoffensive and passable, but only if you pretty much shut your brain…

Salt Blu-ray review

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at 11:40am September 14 2011

The ‘secret agent on the run’ formula has been redone more times than Johnny Depp’s eyeliner, but never more ridiculously than in this girl-powered blockbuster. The over-the-top action is inventively impressive, and it would be okay if the movie as a whole didn’t take itself slightly too seriously – but plot holes really let the package down.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Blu-ray review

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at 11:30am September 14 2011
Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Videogames make awful films. For each game-to-film transfer that attains adequacy, there are half a dozen ugly, grinding, Boll-standard hack jobs. Yes, games and films should stay well away from each other. Except now there’s Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Not strictly a videogame movie (it’s based on a series of graphic novels), but it will still revive your hopes for games on the big screen.

Monsters Blu-ray review

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at 09:55am September 14 2011

What happens after the disaster? When the blockbusting destruction is done and the end credits roll, how does life carry on? It’s a question that most movies are staggeringly shy of asking – in, say, the apocalypse porno of Roland Emerich’s 2012, the main characters potter off the boat at the end to find a new life after the devastation of their old one, but there’s no inkling of what…

The Tourist Blu-ray review

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at 09:54am September 14 2011
The Tourist

It takes a special kind of talent to pair Hollywood darlings Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp together without generating anything remotely approaching chemistry. Yet The Lives Of Others director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck makes it look miraculously easy in this vapid, meandering ‘thriller’.

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