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    Beyond Two Souls: preview behind closed doors at E3

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    at 09:50pm June 8 2012

    We go behind the scenes to look at Heavy Rain creator Quantic Dream’s latest unique PS3 project, the Ellen Page fronted Beyond: Two Souls. Press X to Juno?

    Killzone review

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    at 12:05pm January 11 2012

    Here’s our original Killzone PS2 review from way back in 2004 ahead of the Killzone Trilogy release. What did we think of the game when it was first release?

    Why Resistance 3 may end up being a lost classic

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    at 01:48pm October 6 2011

    There’s a good chance you haven’t bothered playing Resistance 3 yet. In truth, I wasn’t going to bother playing it at all. It was only once the game actually came out that I started to notice any buzz at all. Whether it was colleagues in the office or folk on my Twitter timeline, the message was the same: “Uh, isn’t this a bit bloody good?” And I could understand the surprise.…

    Buried Blu-ray review

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    at 02:29pm September 14 2011

    Okay, pop quiz. You’re an American civilian contractor ambushed in Iraq and buried in a coffin. About your person you have a Zippo lighter, a pocket knife, a cell phone that’s miraculously still receiving signal underground and (slight spoiler) a reasonably large snake that you won’t notice is coiled around your leg for the best part of a goddamn hour. What do you do next?

    The American Blu-ray review

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    at 09:42am September 14 2011
    The American

    There are two demographics of moviegoer who’ll love The American. First, folk who enjoy watching George Clooney in full-on amoral mode, wandering about being sad, weary and still unbelievably handsome. (Think Michael Clayton and Up In The Air, only sadder and wearier.) The other group are people who like seeing beautifully filmed European hotties with their tops off.

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