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    10 reasons GTA 5 would be better on PS4 – why Grand Theft Auto would rock next gen

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    at 10:28am September 24 2013
    Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 23.51.45

    Rockstar might be denying it but the idea of GTA 5 on PS4 is just too good to not consider. Here’s a list of reasons why a next-gen Grand Theft Auto would be amazing, and why Sony’s next console could add some fantastic features.

    8 PS4 second screen apps explained – the future of PlayStation 4 cross-platform gaming

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    at 11:42am September 10 2013

    The PS4 is betting hard on second screens – addition iPad and android apps that let you manage and even play your game away from the PlayStation 4. Here are a few great examples of how they’re being used.

    7 PS Vita lifelines from Gamescom – things that Sony is finally doing right with its handheld

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    at 12:11pm August 29 2013
    assassin's creed 4 remote play

    The reveal of a PS Vita price drop at Gamescom was only one of many of the right moves Sony are making with its handheld. Here’s a number of reasons why the Vita’s becoming an increasingly more attractive proposition.

    9 PC games we want on PS4

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    at 09:54am August 14 2013

    From the all-conquering World Of Warcraft to 4000 player space battles in Eve Online, these are the PC 9 titles we’d love to see become PS4 games. Hey, a little green-eyed monster syndrome is a good thing, ok?

    9 big game franchises that need PS4 – series that’ve run out of tech or ideas on current gen

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    at 11:17am August 7 2013
    Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 21.44.58

    The next generation is ushering a whole new world of tech, and for some games it’s not a moment too soon. These are the titles that might have rinsed PS3 dry, or simply used up all the ideas going on current gen. Because of they need PS4, either to refresh a franchise or to breath new life into a tired series.

    9 PS4 games doing something different on next-gen – new social ideas, clever tech or just… weird

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    at 01:51pm July 31 2013
    Octodad PS4

    One of the more interesting things coming with PS4 are a surprisingly varied bed of ideas. We’re not talking world altering shifts here, more a subtle shift in perceptions and gameplay. From interesting social ideas, new uses of tech or just a different way to play, these are the PlayStation 4 games doing something a little differently.

    9 free PS4 games – the free-to-play & PS Plus titles you can get for no money

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    at 10:20am July 25 2013

    Between free-to-play games and PS Plus’ first PS4 freebies there’s not a bad selection of no money fun heading your way. Here’s the PlayStation 4 games that’ll cost you nothing, or pay for your Plus subscription overnight.

    The Last Of Us 2: what we want to see in a sequel

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    at 11:00am July 16 2013
    The Last Of Us concept art

    The Last of Us might have got a whopping great 10/10 from us, but there are a few things we’d like to see tweaked in a (hopefully PS4) sequel. From obvious AI tweaks to a more interactive sense of morality, here are a few ideas for the The Last Of Us 2. Oh, and swimming lessons. Everyone has to have swimming lessons. SPOILERS! Obviously.

    A history of Sony Santa Monica – Sony’s big hit making & indie incubating studio

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    at 10:07am July 12 2013

    Sony Santa Monica is one of PlayStation’s best and most ambitious studios, stretching from Triple-A hits to indie wonders. Crucially its incubation program has seen it working as a guiding force helping numerous smaller studios like Ready At Dawn, Giant Sparrow and thatgamecomany. We look back at its history and it’s most significant releases and collaborations.

    8 things that always happen when society crumbles – end of the world predictions you can count on

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    at 10:58am June 17 2013
    last of us

    If The Last Of Us teaches us anything it’s that mankind is predictable. Whenever society crumbles there are some things you can always guarantee. From eating out of bins to taping scissors to a stick. Some things always happen after the fall.

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