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    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 review

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    at 10:19am November 8 2011
    Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Review

    Eight short years ago, the first Call Of Duty was released on PC. COD was always popular, selling and reviewing well, but then it became a phenomenon – an all-conquering monster that prevails over the hype cycle, charts and online playlists worldwide. It’s all down to 2007’s Modern Warfare, which not only brought the series up to date with a nuclear bang, but also introduced the multiplayer that’s dominated both…

    Dark Souls review

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    at 03:43pm October 3 2011
    dark souls PS3 review

    The name of the official website for Dark Souls just about sums it up: Prepare To Die. Because to call this a difficult game severely undersells what a monster From Software has created (and if you want some help then check out our Dark Souls tips). This is brutal. In a way that almost no other modern game does, it refuses to make any concessions to the player: this is an…

    Dark Souls tips guide

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    at 03:23pm October 3 2011
    Dark Souls

    “You Died” is the most common phrase in Dark Souls, because dying is a constant and inevitable part of the game: underestimating common enemies, rolling off of rooftops or getting flambed by a giant monster. Winning through is all about having the guts and brainpower to learn from these mistakes, and finally triumph at the scene of so many failures. Regardless, as any boy scout knows, being prepared makes a…

    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition review

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    at 05:39pm September 26 2011
    Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition PS3 PSN review

    For all Street Fighter IV’s brilliance, playing 3rd Strike over a decade after its release hammers home how conservative Capcom’s more recent brawler was. This emphasises precise execution over appealing to all comers, and is a forbidding game for new players – not least because only a handful of the roster (Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li) is familiar. The remainder are a wonderful bunch of freaks and misfits, from the Hulk Hogan/Andre…

    Dead Island review

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    at 12:54pm September 26 2011
    Dead Island PS3 review

    Sometimes, context is everything. Dead Island is a four-player zombie-bashing bloodbath in first person. Sound familiar? The shadow of (the annoyingly not on PS3) Left 4 Dead hangs heavily over much of Techland’s undead offering, but that’s not the whole story. Good thing, too: comparing the two games head-on doesn’t do this any favours. While it’s built around slicing, shooting and bludgeoning zombies into tiny bits, this is objective-based slaughter.

    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

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    at 12:43pm August 17 2011
    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 review

    The Dynasty Warriors games: a player character, a huge field of identikit enemies, and the same combos over and over again. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 offers business as usual, but dressed up in the insanely popular ‘mobile suits’ of Gundam. All of which are piloted by total tools.

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