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    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster review – In my day, we had random battles and turn-based combat…

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    at 02:33pm April 10 2014
    Final Fantasy X HD remaster E3 screenshots

    Playing Final Fantasy X HD made me simultaneously delighted and dejected. Delighted because it whisked me off to a slightly better version of my childhood – and dejected because it brought into alarming focus the fact that Final Fantasy has been getting gradually worse for years.

    Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 PS3 review – How do you kill Drac? With robots, apparently

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    at 10:13am February 25 2014
    castlevania lords of shadow 2

    Playing the first hour of Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 is like speed running through the three emotions you feel throughout the rest of the game: amazement, frustration and disappointment. A searing opening introduces you to Gabriel Belmont’s brilliant new arsenal – the Void Sword, Chaos Claws and Shadow Whip – and then asks, “can you stick them into that golden angel bloke, and this golem the size of a small mountain range?” With pleasure. It’s a perfect tutorial – grandiose, mildly challenging and an instant reminder of why we loved the first game so damned much.

    Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition PS4 review – Don’t play it again – facelift improves very little

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    at 11:49am January 27 2014
    Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition PS4 review

    Let’s get one thing straight; if you own a PS4 and haven’t played it yet, then get Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. We awarded the PS3 original an 8 and stand by that – Tomb Raider is a supremely polished matinee adventure filled with action, drama and spectacular visuals. That the latter is the only noticeable improvement in this PlayStation 4 re-release is the main reason we’ve pulled the score down; there’s simply not enough extra content on offer to warrant buying the game all over again.

    Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn PS3 review – The guilds are alive with the sound of grinding

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    at 11:35am December 10 2013
    FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn screens

    You wanted the bad news first, right? Well, you’re having it anyway: at the time of writing, Final Fantasy 15’s servers are stretched, strained and overflowing with disgruntled adventurers unable to log in or even create characters. With the EU hubs packed like a rush-hour tube, I’m unceremoniously dumped on a replacement bus service based in Japan, which comes packaged with a language barrier and the occasional bout of lag. Great.

    Killer Is Dead review – post-modern art gallery with a side order of gameplay

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    at 02:22pm October 3 2013
    Killer is dead

    Just as every Zack Snyder film teases awesomeness in its trailer, so this third-person slasher seems amazing in screenshots. “Ooh, that looks good!” sounds the ignorant admiration from people
    glancing over my shoulder at one of the game’s frequent, lengthy, slower-than-solidifying concrete
    cutscenes. And yes, it does. Killer Is Dead’s striking visual design is its biggest strength – a deliberately oddball brand of cel-shading that whacks the contrast so high, every image looks like a photonegative.

    Puppeteer PS3 review – A bolt of originality with no strings attached

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    at 08:00am September 6 2013
    Puppeteer ps3 screens

    So to defeat Snake – a general of the evil Moon Bear King – you’ve got to ride a rat through the serpent’s toxic innards before cutting your way through its throat with a pair of magic scissors. It’s a sequence that’s essentially Puppeteer in miniature, five-minutes where the game throws a completely new mechanic your way before barrelling you through a breakneck set piece of outlandish creativity and sinister cartoon violence.

    Dust 514 PS3 review: Galaxy-sized potential marred by patchy execution

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    at 09:11am September 1 2013
    Dust 514 review

    To the extent that you can suck it down the PSN pipes and duke it out in an intergalactic scrap without shifting a single penny, Dust 514 is free to play. But if time is money in your eyes, then CCP’s ambitious online shooter might just be the most expensive game of all time. Penetrating its intimidating exterior and getting at the succulent MMO meat underneath requires a major investment of patience, a few shreds of your sanity, and an acceptance that – for the first few hours, at least – you’ll be dying faster and more often than Reginald D Hunter doing stand-up at a Tory tea party.

    9 things you’ll never see on PS4 – the annoyances PlayStation 4 will leave behind

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    at 10:04am August 1 2013

    With PS4 packing some of the most sophisticated technological innards this side of the large hadron collider, we’ve rounded up 9 bugbears you’ll never have to put up with once PlayStation 4 enters your living room.

    PS4 retro games – 10 of the best old-school titles heading to PlayStation 4

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    at 10:33am July 23 2013

    With PS4 wowing the graphics pants off all and sundry, we decided to head back to the old school (always the best school) and dig up the 10 best retro styled games heading your way in the next generation.

    PS4′s oddball games – 9 weird and wonderful titles heading to PlayStation 4

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    at 10:19am July 19 2013

    The PS4 might be a computational behemoth capable of calculating all the pretty needed to make Killzone Shadowfall kiss your eyes but it’s open and easy to develop for architecture means it’s attracting some weirdly wonderful and creative developers with some frankly strange ideas. The that end we round up PS4′s oddest games (so far.)

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