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New Thief PS4 gameplay & preview – how’s Garrett’s return shaping up?

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at 02:20pm January 24 2014
Thief ps4 screen

In its current state, Thief doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’m not talking about the cartoonishly evil villains who shoot lackeys in the face for sport (good lackeys are hard to find), or Garrett’s incongruous aversion to murder but total readiness to rob the City’s starving poor of their last copper coin. What doesn’t make sense is how two­ and­ a ­half years after Deus Ex: Human Revolution, developers Eidos Montreal have made a game that ­ less than a month before release has taken several steps backwards from Adam Jensen’s excellent cyberpunk stealth­-em-­up.

8 reasons PS Vita TV is an essential PS4 companion

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at 10:47am September 16 2013

The PS Vita TV is PS4′s set-top box wonder. Part mini-console, part Sony’s answer to Apple TV and much more. It’s going to be an essential companion to PS4 – here’s why.

8 PS4 games that need a Sony Oculus Rift virtual reality headset

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at 10:12am September 11 2013

With on going rumours of Sony working on an Oculus Rift style headset we lay out eight next-gen titles that could make interesting use of virtual reality on PlayStation 4.

Studios that are doing PS4 right – the developers pushing next-gen in the right direction

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at 10:40am September 6 2013

With the PS4′s arrival now imminent, we look at eight studios pushing next-gen potential with more players, faster frame rates or just damn good ideas to bring PlayStation gamers something new.

10 reasons videogame scientists are idiots – Make zombies? Sure what could poss… balls

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at 10:26am September 4 2013

It’s always the simple ideas that cause the most problems. Making zombies, reanimating dead alien DNA, opening portals to hell. While we’re not here to stand in the way of scientific advancement, here are ten PlayStation science projects the world could have done without.

The NPC guide to survival: how to live a long & happy life as an unnamed videogame character

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at 09:57am September 2 2013

The heroes and arch-nemeses might get all the gadgets and sexy love interests, but with these ten tips there’s no reason you can’t live a long and fruitless life as a faceless videogame drone.

The then & now of PS4′s biggest games – from first PlayStation debut to next-gen

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at 10:18am August 15 2013

Nostalgia time as we look back at the PlayStation origins of some of PS4′s biggest games. From FIFA to Need To Speed, Metal Gear to Final Fantasy. My how they’ve grown.

8 ways PS4′s DualShock 4 could shake up your PS4 gaming

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at 10:49am August 13 2013

With the new Dualshock 4′s new precision motion control, motion tracking, lights, speakers and more there are plenty of ways it could totally change the way we play games on PS4. Here are eight tantalising predictions to get you excited you spanking new controller.

The PS4 open world games that’ll change everything. ‘Big’ is just the start

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at 10:21am August 9 2013

With the age of PlayStation 4 almost upon us, things are going to be changing. We round up the open world PS4 games that are going to redefine free roaming action forever. Incredible scale, new ideas or just really pretty – this lot are going to blow your tiny little minds.

PS4 vs PS3 – the launch line up & first games compared. Has anything changed?

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at 10:09am August 5 2013

With PS4′s launch stable of gaming stallions champing at the bit, we cast our minds back to the games that defined the PS3 launch and first few months to see how far we’ve come. We’ve matched genres and styles like ‘shooter’ or ‘RPG’ so you can contrast and compare the differences.

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