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PlayStation Access: PS4 graphics comparison: the road to PlayStation 4

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at 11:52am August 16 2013
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With PS4 so close we can taste it, we’ve gone back in time to find out exactly how we’ve come so far. Here’s an evolution video of PlayStation games from PS1 to present day and PS4.

PlayStation Access: Behind The Scenes At Media Molecule

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at 03:09pm August 8 2013
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Hollie visits Media Molecule as part of YouTube’s Geek Week to find out what makes this very special development team tick, and get the latest on the upcoming Tearaway – a beautiful 3D platformer heading to PS Vita later this year.

PlayStation Access: your PS4 questions answered

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at 02:47pm July 29 2013
access ps4 quetsions

Here’s Hollie to answer some of your PS4 questions about PlayStation 4′s party chat, PSN IDs, PS3 controller compatibility and more.

PlayStation Access – hands on with the PS4, the Dualshock & camera

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at 02:56pm July 25 2013
access ps4 hands on

SCUK digital & community manager Hollie gets her hands on the PS4 console, the DualShock 4 and the PlayStation Camera so you can see how they look and feel up close.

PlayStation Access – PS4: 20 Things You Didn’t Know

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at 03:10pm July 12 2013
ps4 20 things you didn't know

In all the excitement surrounding PS4, here are 20 things you might have missed. Apologies for the mistake at 02.40! Nathan has been punished.

PlayStation Access: PS Plus July Update – Battlefield 3, Payday & Saints Row 3

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at 04:27pm June 19 2013
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Hello world! In case you missed it July’s PS Plus updates adds Battlefield 3, Payday & Saints Row 3 to the free game roster. Here’s a video showing those and the other freebies you can nab as a member.

PlayStation Access – E3 2013: The Access Verdict

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at 05:33pm June 13 2013
e3 verdict access border

So what did we think of this year’s E3? Well, here’s a video that explains just that. In it we express out opinions on all the important stuff like Sony’s conference, the PS4′s price, looks & games. Plus, how loud was EA’s show and what made Dave cry?

PlayStation Access: The Last Of Us verdict

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at 12:01pm June 6 2013
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PlayStation Access here with our video verdit on The Last Of Us. And mushrooms. Don’t worry it’s spoiler free.

PlayStation Access: Rain interview with producer Noriko Umemura

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at 05:18pm May 31 2013
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Here’s Rain producer Noriko Umemura to talk to PlayStation Access about PS3 exclusive, Rain. It’s a weirdly creative little stealth puzzler about a ghost bot that only shows up in the rain. You can read more about in Official PlayStation Magazine’s Rain preview here.

PlayStation Access: Gran Turismo 6 – the story so far

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at 11:52am May 17 2013
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We got so excited about the announcement of GT6 that we made a history of the series in the style of the best driving programme… in the world. GT and GT2 on the PlayStation One, GT3 and GT4 on the PlayStation 2, and GT5 on the PlayStation 3 are all covered in glorious detail.

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