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    PlanetSide 2 on PS4 “the same as on PC, but with maxed out settings” say Sony

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    at 12:17pm September 11 2013
    Planetside 2 PS4

    PlanetSide 2 developers, Sony Online Entertainment, say that the PS4 version of their MMOFPS will be ‘the same as it is on PC, but with maxed out settings’. The hugely popular free-to-play title is being carefully crafted to deliver the most optimised experience on console on a par with those mega-expensive PC rigs filled with even more expensive graphics cards.

    10 of the most satisfying weapons on PlayStation – trains, pain & temporal dislocation

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    at 10:09am June 19 2013
    Tight fit

    For every gentle Journey there are a thousand other titles willing you to smash skulls, maim and generally treat what’s in front of you like the world’s largest shooting range. Making weapons is easy. Making satisfying ones? Not so much. In no particular order, here’s a list of tools of destruction, from past and present, that will make you feel all warm inside.

    10 games we want back on PS4 – the best sequels that’ll probably never happen

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    at 10:53am February 26 2013
    Canis Canem Edit

    As a new era of Sony hardware appears on the horizon, our old brain-box is working overtime at the PS4 gaming prospects that await us. There are some sequels you know will appear – Call of Duty, FIFA and Metal Gear – but what about the forgotten gems of old that are more than ready for a return to? Well, here’s a list of the games we’d love to see make a comeback on PS4. Add your wishlist in the comments.

    How GT6 can win the race on PS4 – what Sony’s driving sim needs to take the next-get top spot

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    at 09:52am February 7 2013
    GT5 DLC

    Delays and other issues aside Gran Turismo is still the biggest racing name on PlayStation. that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see some major changes for Gran Turismo 6 when it arrive. Whether that be PS3 or PS4. Here’s what we’re thinking…

    The worst PS3 trophies of 2012 – the broken, the ballaches and the just plain embarrassing

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    at 09:52am December 3 2012
    Asura's wrath

    We’re kicking off our end of year awards early with a look back at the most most high profile, worst trophies of 2012. From the pad-twisting, infuriating ones to the dumber than a monkey pointless trinkets that are a waste of disc space. If you have a personal and potent hatred of one we’ve missed then add it in the comments and let us know why. Onwards to the zone of despair…

    How to get 10 easy FIFA 13 Trophies

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    at 10:05am November 5 2012
    Easy FIFA 13 trophies

    As any true trophy hunter knows, there are shortcuts to almost every shiny prize out there and FIFA 13 is no exception. As a rule of thumb, setting the difficulty easy and lowering the sliders to make the AI play like a bunch of hungover Sunday League players is your quickest route to a lot of offline games. For ten you might be struggling with we’ve discovered some quick fire ways to grab the glory, so read on to pick these up today…

    FIFA 13: 10 tips on how to win online games

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    at 10:19am October 25 2012

    When you make the switch from offline to online matches in FIFA 13, you’ll notice the opposition play with even more precision than the tippy-tappy Spanish nional side. You barely have a second of possession on the ball, you’re often bamboozled by tricks and Barcelona and Real Madrid appear to be the only two teams in the game. It’s tough going, but it’s not impossible to win. Read on to find out how you can level the playing field.

    8 of the best PS3 sports games that aren’t FIFA or PES

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    at 09:59am October 16 2012

    To hear some people talk you’d think sport starts and ends with football. Obviously that’s not the case so here are 8 of the best non-footy athletic activities. From face kicking to golf. Yes, golf.

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