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    Earth Defence Force 2025 PS3 review – run-and-gunning can be alienating

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    at 02:29pm February 18 2014
    Earth Defence Force 2025

    Were you to hand a game developer from the late ‘80s a world of 21st century technology and talent, it’s likely they’d make Earth Defence Force. It’s a series about hundreds of guns, millions of giant bugs to fire them at and an entire planet’s worth of skyscrapers to demolish. You’ll love it because, like Contra 3 or Smash TV, it feels great and everything explodes. But those games had five and three levels, respectively, while EDF 2025 repeats that same bit of dizzying violence for 85 levels.

    Metal Gear Rising: why it really is a Metal Gear

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    at 01:00pm November 30 2012

    Phew. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is the real deal, after all. From exclamation marks to security cameras, stealthy stabbings to ear-popping Alert Phases, cardboard boxes to carefully placed posters of chesty wenches – Raiden’s return reeks of classic MGS hallmarks (although the bit where our bleach-blond ninja bodyslams a car park-sized Metal Gear Ray like the world’s stabbiest wrestler is new.).

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown preview – galaxy-saving choices that make Mass Effect seem a cakewalk

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    at 01:00pm September 13 2012

    Before the days of focus testing, tutorials and learning curves X-Com: UFO Defence shipped with a 133 page manual, wantonly massacred your entire squad in every one of the first half-dozen missions, and was perfectly happy to let you make your own game-ending mistakes without ever attempting to set you straight. XCOM: Enemy Unknown doesn’t need a manual but everything else is exactly as we left it eighteen years ago.

    10 games that changed Playstation history

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    at 02:20pm September 10 2012

    We look at the PS One, PS2 and PS3 games that cemented Sony’s consoles in living rooms, bedrooms and very rich people’s pool houses the world over. PlayStation past and present thanks you, classic games. Take a bow. A pixellated, CD-ROM bow.

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