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    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 review – Confused finale has you fighting time more than monsters

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    at 11:48am February 14 2014
    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 screens costumes

    In this closing chapter to the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy, time is most certainly not on your side. The world is ending and you have a mere 13 days to save enough souls to repopulate a new planet – or, if you screw things up, significantly less. It’s a task that leads you down some familiar paths – healing chocobos, tending to mythical trees, crossing blades with former allies – but you’ll need one mascara-lined eye on the clock the entire time.

    Armored Core: Verdict Day PS3 review – Enduring mecha series remains proudly impenetrable

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    at 08:00pm September 24 2013

    Pacific Rim, then. A reminder, as if we needed it, that massive stompy robots can be excellent fun. Armored Core: Verdict Day doesn’t have the threat of interdimensional monsters – or indeed, any of the film’s visual flair – but the intention here is similar: gather together the best mecha pilots in the world for a cataclysmic scrap.

    Dragon’s Crown PS3 review – Heroic RPG brawler finally lands on European shores

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    at 04:29pm September 24 2013
    dragons crown ps3 review

    Before you it stands, atop a shimmering heap of fantasy treasure, bringing massive axes, ale soaked beards and thunderous music. But be warned: amongst Dragon’s Crown’s loot lay the perils of laughable lady proportions, casual sexism and gear grinding. If you dare venture further, read on. If you’d rather skip to the end and discover if it’s any good or not, turn to the end of page… well this page. Use your imagination.

    Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara PS3 review – Ancient RPG is still worth your loot

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    at 02:53pm September 1 2013
    Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara

    One thing in particular here will make you exceedingly glad: you don’t have to pay for continues. By packaging together Shadow Over Mystara and Tower Of Doom, Capcom has updated two classic arcade side-scrollers into one lovingly conjoined Amusement Golem, but the difficulty remains troll-skin hard.

    8 commands the COD dog needs to learn

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    at 10:00am June 4 2013

    We’re standing on hind legs with excitement about getting a canine comrade in Call of Duty: Ghosts, but training a wardog isn’t all about ripped throats and Kevlar collars. A true bond requires finesse, trust and ritual humiliation, and that’s why we’ve come up with 8 commands we want Sgt Wuffles to learn.

    PlayStation’s most embarrassing deaths – what were you expecting?

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    at 10:11am May 28 2013

    Everybody dies. It’s an inescapable truth for anyone that plays games. However, there are some ways to shuffle off this digital coil that are so terminally stupid that you should lose your Gaming License for committing them – it’s our top 9 most shameful PlayStation deaths.

    PlayStation’s most painful moments

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    at 09:59am May 16 2013

    Are you strong enough to stomach the most painful moments on PlayStation? Here are nine games that will make your thumbs bleed in sympathy.

    Games we’re glad we can’t smell

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    at 09:55am May 13 2013

    Games have given us 3D, but where do they go next? Here are eight games that make us pray they never implement smell-o-vision.

    The best games for payback! PlayStation’s most satisfying revenge. The characters who got their own back & then some

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    at 10:15am April 29 2013

    Games are full of murdered families, crushing betrayal and knives in backs. Happily, they’re also really good at letting us get even. Here are eight unforgiving examples of PlayStation payback covering everything from Kratos to Silent Hill, Tekken to Asura’s Wrath.

    The future of mankind according to PlayStation – it doesn’t end well. Find out what gaming predicts for the next 40,000 years

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    at 10:01am April 24 2013

    Hands up if you thought the future was going to be full of biodomes, hugging and international understanding? Oh, you poor fools. Check out the future according to PlayStation – from tantalizingly close to the mercifully distant – and find out exactly how wrong you were…

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