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Dark Souls 2 Moon Butterfly Armour is to die for

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at 12:08pm April 2 2014
Dark Souls 2 Moon Butterfly Armour

So it turns out if you finish Dark Souls 2 three times you can unlock the Moon Butterfly Armour. Not only does this make you look fabulous, as this video shows, it turns your character into an absolute PvP beast. Although that might have something to do with finishing the game three times.

Killzone Shadow Fall The Insurgent Pack DLC full details – new class, trophies, guns & modes

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at 11:26am April 2 2014
killzone shadow fall insurgent dlc pack details & info

Killzone Shadow Fall gets its first full paid for DLC today in the shape of the The Insurgent Pack. It costs £7.99 and Guerrilla has outlined everything it contains including a new class, trophies, guns and modes.

Sony PS4 survey suggests player reputation system, cross-platform chat & option to be ‘invisible’ online could be coming

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at 10:57am April 2 2014
PS4 console & menu

A Sony survey suggests it’s considering a few new features for PS4, including a player reputation system, chat between PS4, PS3 and Vita, and the ability to remain invisible when online.

Incoming inFamous Second Son update adds time of day selection, HUD on/off & 30 FPS cap

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at 10:34am April 2 2014
inFAMOUS Second Son ps4 review

Sucker Punch has announced a new patch for inFamous Second Son that adds the option to change the time of day, turn off the HUD and lock the frame rate to 30 FPS.

Joe Danger adds Media Molecule’s Sackboy, Atoi & Iota on Vita, contains all content to date

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at 03:16pm April 1 2014
joe danger on Vita

Hello Games has popped up to clarify a few more details on the upcoming port of Joe Danger to Vita. The new edition bundles in all the previous games and DLC to make quite the collection. It also throws in Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet with Atoi and Iota from Tearaway for good measure.

Sony announced “1,000 developers licensed globally to self-publish” on PS4, 3 & Vita

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at 12:56pm March 31 2014
Transistor PS4

After announcing a 100 games for PS4 this year Sony has also revealed it’s licensed over 1000 developers for PlayStation and entered in to partnerships with several high profile development environments. Short version: it’s easy to make games and loads of people are doing it.

Minecraft PS3 update 14 adds items, features & fixes. PS4 version “being worked on as we speak”

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at 11:50am March 31 2014
Mincraft PS3 PS4

Mojang’s announced a huge update for Minecraft on PS3 adding a mammoth ammount of new items, features and fixes. It’s also confirmed it’s still working on the PS4 version with ” no proper dates yet” but information coming “soon”.

Metro Last Light also apparently getting a PS4 ‘Redux’ Edition – both games bundled

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at 11:10am March 31 2014

After The Last Of Us’ PS4 listing this morning it looks like Metro Last Light is getting a Redux edition on PS4 as well. Information suggests that this could be a bundle of content including the original Metro 2033.

Alien Isolation gets October 7th release date

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at 10:47am March 31 2014
Alien Isolation

Sega’s announced an October release date for Alien Isolation on PS3 & PS4. The first person survival horror sees Ripley’s daughter Amanda taking on a Xenomorph one on one in an abandoned space station and has been very well received so so far.

The Last Of Us Complete Edition listed for PS4 by Spanish retailer

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at 10:12am March 31 2014
The Last Of Us complete edition PS4

Spanish retailer Xtralife has listed The Last Of Us Complete Edition for release on PS4. This comes after a Sony manager outed the game, featuring enhanced graphics and bundled Left Behind DLC.

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