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    Dust Force PS3/Vita review – Diamond of a platformer in need of a polish

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    at 12:43pm February 18 2014

    Okay, so it might sound a bit like a cleaning product developed by a team of Alan Sugar’s mindless Apprentice candidates – “It’s, like, y’know, a force against dust” – but Dustforce is a slick artistic side-scroller. Tasked with ridding a whole city of grime, you have a choice of janitors who are all blessed with ninja-esque free-running skills and armed with an arsenal of mops and leaf blowers.

    Unannounced PS4 games they *have* to be making – PlayStation 4′s secret line up

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    at 12:39pm July 18 2013
    Nathan Drake

    Yes there’s a PS4 launch line up sitting waiting for us but there’s a horde of games yet to be announced. Here’s us getting a bit Sherlock on it all – studio not announced a project for a year or two? Sudden hiring splurge but no projects? We round up the signs and clues that point towards PS4 hidden line up.

    For better or worse: 7 games that changed developers mid-cycle

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    at 11:49am June 25 2013
    Prey 2 best PS3 game 2012

    Now that Prey 2 has been taken away from original studio Human Head and (possibly) getting the Dishonored treatment from Arkane Studios, we take a look at some other games that have suffered a similar fate with a switch of developers mid-release. For example, did you know Red Dead Revolver was originally a Capcom game?

    9 PS4 games from E3 you need to pay more attention to. Want new & different? *Here you go*

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    at 10:24am June 20 2013
    transistor ps4

    There’s always tha precious few titles that disappear under the deluge of E3 goodness but here’s a handy guide to the PS4 games you might have missed but definitely need to pay more attention to. Creatively different or interesting in some way, prepare for a smorgasbord of glorious next-gen screens and indie awesome.

    8 reasons Sony are getting the next generation right with PS4

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    at 10:27am June 3 2013

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that Sony are all over the next generation with the PS4. From it’s dev friendly insides to its social connections and just the right level of innovation here are 8 reasons why Sony are getting *everything* right.

    10 PS3 games you forgot existed – from complete misfires to great games that just didn’t catch on

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    at 11:38am May 24 2013

    In a six year console cycle there are always going to be PS3 games that dropped off your radar entirely. Let’s take a look down memory lane at some games that you’ve probably forgotten even existed. Prepare to go ‘Oh *yeah*!’ several times over.

    Games to avoid when hungover – things to steer clear of the day after the night before

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    at 11:04am May 21 2013
    House of the Dead Overkill

    We know what it’s like. Serious gaming planned for the weekend and one tiny trip to the pub on the Friday night sends all of that into jeopardy. Here’s what to avoid the morning after the night before.

    10 best new PS3 indie games

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    at 10:12am May 15 2013

    With the big PlayStation indie push meaning some excellent games for PS3 and Vita, we take a look the best titles already on release and coming soon.

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 PS3 review – Stealth failure shoots itself in the foot

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    at 03:27pm March 20 2013

    As this generation nears its end (sob), devs are pushing good ol’ PS3 to the limit. Tomb Raider, God Of War: Ascension and Crysis 3 are all happily responsible for the eyeball-gasming ‘couldn’t it have always looked like that?’ moments we’ve had in recent months. Then we come to the CryEngine 3-powered Ghost Warrior 2. I’ve seen Lego games less blocky and Jeremy Kyle guests more attractive than this juddering pile of special ops action.

    Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag preview – “It’s seamless: see an island? Jump off the ship, go explore”

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    at 04:02pm March 4 2013
    Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag preview screens

    Unless you’ve been hiding under an internet-proof rock for the last week, you might have heard that Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is stabbing his way through the high seas of the 18th Century Caribbean. Ignoring all the jokes about a boat based game springing some very big leaks – screens, maps, and more all spilled out – we can now happily spill the whole rum-drenched story. And it’s far more exciting than we could have predicted.

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