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8 of the most influential classic RPGs on PlayStation

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at 10:09am November 6 2012
3 Tales of Destiny

We delve back into the tomes of PlayStation history, and take a look at eight of the most innovative, classic RPGs to impact and shape this mystical genre. Be warned. Only one Final Fantasy title has been mentioned – but which one?

9 Things I wish I’d known before playing Final Fantasy XIII-2

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at 11:00am February 3 2012
Final Fantasy XIII-2 tips guide

[Online ed's note: for various tedious legal reasons I'm not able to run this with actual Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens.] Before you Moogle up and set out into the wide new world of FFXIII-2, it’s perhaps wise to pause for a moment to take stock. This sequel to last year’s linear FFXIII now features time travel, meaning you’re free to choose how to progress through the story and whether or…

Final Fantasy XIII-2′s worst monsters

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at 03:50pm January 30 2012

This isn’t a tips guide, okay? I cannot emphasis that enough for legal reasons. Nothing to be learned here. Instead this is simply the nine most pointless, ‘What the hell?!’ monsters you can recruit in Final Fantasy XIII-2. From glowing cats to ten foot chickens, it’s like the back page of God’s note book – the section labelled ‘needs work’. Click on to see what our resident Final Fantasy expert…

Final Fantasy XIII-2

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at 03:08pm November 3 2011
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah

You don’t get direct Final Fantasy sequels often – hardly ever, actually. There’s been one to date, in the form of FF X-2. It scored pretty well and racked up a few awards, but wasn’t without its problems – the lighter shift in tone and shallower gameplay annoyed hardcore FFers. So how’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 shaping up?

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