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    The best PlayStation launch games to date: what’s PS4 got to beat? Can past stars tell us about the future?

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    at 01:01pm April 22 2013
    ridge racer ps3

    While we wait for the PlayStation 4′s impending launch and the game line up to be finalised, we look back at past release day titles. What is the line up that PS4 needs to beat on day one

    God Of War Ascension interview: meeting Kratos’ makers to talk PS3, PS4, violence & multiplayer

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    at 03:29pm March 19 2013
    God Of War Ascension live action supe bowl trailer

    We chat to God Of War Ascension’s lead combat designer Jason McDonald and lead game designer Mark Simon about the latest chapter in Kratos’ story. Here they talk about the origins and development of the game, the violence, pushing the SP3 and the future on PS4.

    PS4 is “incredible” says God of War team but there’s “still life in the PS3″

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    at 11:53am March 8 2013
    god of war ascension

    PS4 is a prospect that has God of War: Ascension’s developer Sony Santa Monica “excited,” but it says that even after eight years, the capabilities of PS3 can still be explored. We chat to lead game designer Mark Simon and lead combat designer Jason McDonald to find out more.

    10 of Sony’s biggest PlayStation conference moments

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    at 10:23am February 18 2013
    ps3 unveil

    With Sony planning potentially the biggest conference of its history this week we look back at previous shows and reveals to see how things have gone down in the past. Remember the time when…

    Who’ll make Wipeout for PS4? We weigh up candidates for Sony’s traditional launch game

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    at 02:54pm February 15 2013

    Future racer Wipeout has been one of Sony’s go-to launch games. Wherever there’s been new hardware there’s been new Wipout, so why would PS4 be any different? Except on August 2012, Studio Liverpool, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s flagship studio, one of the biggest in Sony’s Worldwide Studios family, and Wipeout developer, closed.

    The PS4′s launch game line up – the usual suspects & potential candidates

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    at 11:06am February 13 2013

    With a PlayStation 4 reveal looking imminent within the week we line potential candidates for a PS4 launch line up? Based on rumours, investor calls and suspicious silences here are the games we suspect could be starting up next-gen gaming.

    7 reasons why Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the comeback Sam deserves

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    at 10:17am February 5 2013

    It’s hard being a spy. All that world saving and not being able to tell anyone. After a few experimental reboots with Double Agent and the non-PlayStation Conviction mixing up the black ops formula Splinter Cell Blacklist is both a return to form and a new start. Here’s why it’ll put Sam back on top.

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