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    PlayStation 4 at E3: the hands-on experience with PS4

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    at 06:21am June 12 2013

    After Sony’s triumphant night in the spotlight (read our reaction piece to the PS4 E3 2013 press conference here) we were left full of feelings of next-generation positivity and a sense that everything might just be alright. But discussions of DRM systems and low price points are not the ends in themselves, they are merely the means by which we get at that which we’re really after. And what we’re really after is games. And, as exciting as trailers and demos can be, what we’re really, really after is the playing of games.

    E3 2013: What Sony got right

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    at 08:17am June 11 2013

    Well there we go. After a day of press conferences everyone’s clips are empty, the powder is well and truly wet, and the landscape of next-generation gaming is a whole lot clearer. And the overwhelming reaction from those in attendance in Los Angeles? Sony are very much in pole position.

    The Bureau VP talks reinvention: “We wanted to capture what makes XCOM XCOM”

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    at 01:00pm May 13 2013

    When we first saw the ‘other’ XCOM game, it was a first-person shooter with a sexy Mad Men-styel visual overlay. Then: nothing. A year later it reappeared as a first-person shooter with third-person squad commanding. Then: nothing. But now it’s back for realsies, and we’ve even played it. But what of that storied development?

    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified PS3 preview – origins story bows to the power of squad almighty

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    at 01:00pm May 13 2013

    It’s been nearly 20 years since the first XCOM game, and yet we still don’t know how the organisation came about – the shadowy extra-terrestrial fighters were seemingly born into the world fully-grown, a bit like one imagines Channing Tatum was. Well that’s all set to change with The Bureau.

    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified PS3 screens – alien blasting from a whole new perspective

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    at 01:00pm May 13 2013

    Here’s a new batch of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified PS3 screens showing these aliens wearing fetching neck collars. They also contain evidence of the game’s tactical shooting, all new user interface, and – praise the Sectoids – the game’s revive ability.

    Taking liberties: why Joel Gregory’s attempts to finally finish GTA 4 have tainted the memories

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    at 05:23pm May 8 2013
    GTA 4

    I bought Grand Theft Auto 4 on release day, excitedly careening into Liberty City to mow down pedestrians, fistfight hobos and, as it turned out, go for some of history’s most tedious games of bowling. But just for one day. See, I was only a month away from taking my university finals and, try as I might, I couldn’t find any evidence of past Oxford philosophy papers including questions about the morality of an illegal immigrant gunning down psychopathic club owners with substance addictions. Back in your box, Mr Bellic.

    Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon PS3 review – Not quite as acceptable as it was in the ’80s

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    at 05:00pm April 30 2013
    Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon ps3 review

    Failing to fall in love with this old-school slice of (intentionally) nonsense standalone DLC probably gets you lumped in with people who can’t see the point in Instagram, or pine for the days when moustaches weren’t ironic. Blood Dragon has been designed to appeal to gaming hipsters to such an extent you can easily imagine that one step in the development process was to go through a checklist of popular internet memes one by one.

    Thomas Was Alone PS3 review – 2D platformer takes on a whole new dimension

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    at 11:05am April 22 2013

    Don’t worry, he’s not lonesome for long. After a couple of levels Thomas, a small, red rectangle, is joined by Chris, an even smaller, orange square. And then along comes John, the high jumping, fast running, yellow member of the group (and I mean that literally, it’s not an accusation of cowardice). And that’s not even half the ‘cast’ of this simple indie gem that was so well received upon its PC release last summer.

    Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon hands-on preview shows it’s stupid, badly scripted, nonsense & that’s the point. Find out why Ubi’s 80′s madness is nearly genius

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    at 09:00am April 11 2013
    Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon screens

    Stupid. Badly scripted. Utterly nonsensical from a plot perspective. Read these words about any game and you’re likely to see a low score slapped on the end and a recommendation to go back to cup-and-ball rather than corrupt the integrity of your PS3 by playing it. However these are all things that Ubisoft are intending for Blood Dragon, the standalone DLC for Far Cry 3 that’s releasing 1 May. It’s supposed to be stupid – the stupider the better, it seems – and the dialogue is cheesier than the grin of an all-brie Jim Carey.

    Bioshock Infinite PS3 review & gameplay video – lofty ambitions take flight in a true modern classic

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    at 12:00pm March 25 2013
    Bioshock Infinite

    The opening of Bioshock Infinite is as beautiful as any game introduction you’ll see. But, like so many things in Irrational’s spectacular series, its true significance only becomes clear in the wake of the game’s staggering conclusion. Sandwiched between these two remarkable examples of art and narrative design is a thrilling ride packed with the series’ signature storytelling, eccentric characters and locations that will live long in the memory.

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