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    GTA 5 PS3 review – Three men and a little LA deed sign the generation off in style

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    at 03:00pm September 16 2013
    GTA 5 ps3 review

    It’s always been one of the key appeals of Grand Theft Auto: regular guy makes good in (semi) regular world. And okay, he may make good in the most violent and psychopathic way possible, but no amount of squashed pedestrians can run over the games’ aspirational nature. And it is here that GTA 5’s greatest triumph lies. This is a glorious and jubilant reminder of the fact that – at their heart – games are supposed to be about having fun, and few, if any, experiences during this entire console generation provide as much pure joy.

    Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag PS4 hands-on from Gamescom

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    at 03:25pm August 27 2013

    My first hands-on experience of Assassin’s Creed 4 on PS4 is split into two sections: an actual core assassination, and then a bit of an open-world muck about on boats. The crucial thing is that within seconds of playing this really showcases the fact that stealth is back and actually works – something that simply didn’t work in the glitchy Assassin’s Creed 3.

    PS4 games should do single-player or multiplayer, but not both – resources shouldn’t be diluted

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    at 12:11pm August 23 2013

    Let’s take a little walk down memory lane. You’ll need jam sandwiches, a Thomas The Tank Engine pencil case, and your mittens tied to your coat. Right, so: which gaming experiences do you remember most fondly? Which stand out in your mind and which do you hold dearest?

    Watch Dogs PS4 hands-on – sinning in the city at Gamescom

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    at 09:00am August 21 2013
    Watch Dogs PS4 Gamecom

    I’m pretty sure Watch Dogs doesn’t want me to be this violent. Or, more specifically, the game’s Chicago police don’t want me to. And, even more specifically, that Good Samaritan who grassed me up. All I’ve done is pull a pistol in a heavily populated urban area and point it about a bit. I haven’t even fired the thing. Still, mere seconds into the first-hands on with Ubisoft’s ambitious next-gen sandbox, the fuzz are all over me.

    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified PS3 review – Two’s company, three will repel the alien invasion

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    at 05:00am August 20 2013
    xcom the bureau

    Death in games usually carries about as much weight as an episode of The Big Bang Theory, or anything Richard Hammond says. You might be set back a minute or two, have your inventory slightly depleted, or get treated to a patronising invitation to turn the difficulty down. You poor little lamb, you. In the few instances when it does actually matter – Heavy Rain, for instance, or Dark Souls – the gameplay dynamic is totally shifted. You become cautious and tense, and actually have to give due consideration to your actions.

    The walking dead: 400 days PS3 review – five-way DLC keeps the apocalyptic appetite up

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    at 04:24pm August 4 2013
    The walking dead: 400 days PS3 review

    The eyes are dry in the wake of the first season, but only just. And yet as soon as that emotional finale was over (no spoilers, but seriously: play it) we were craving more. More panicky QTEs, more heartfelt dialogue, more gut-wrenching choices to immediately regret.

    Batman Arkham Origins E3 hands on – is a new detective mode enought to hold off sequel fatigue?

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    at 12:25pm June 14 2013
    batman Arkham Origins e3 screens

    Batman’s a weird one. Having jumped into an unspecified part of the game as part of my E3 demo I could have been playing Arkham City. It didn’t look any better and at its core the combat seemed nigh on identical. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing because the fighting in the Arkham games is brilliant. But it was really very, very similar.

    Why PS4 is all about the second screen – E3 pushes companion apps hard

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    at 03:47pm June 13 2013
    Tom Clancy's The Division PS4 E3 screens

    One of the bigger surprises from E3 has been the enthusiasm with which developers have embraced companion apps to manage and, in some cases, play PS4 games. Sony have pushed Remote Play on PS Vita hard and after seeing demos of multiple second screen applications on PlayStation 4 it looks like the idea is going to be big.

    Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 E3 hands-on: losing the linear marks the series’ move to next-gen

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    at 04:38am June 13 2013

    Going hands-on with the series’ PS4 outing feels immediately familiar on a mechanical level, but soon the expanded gameplay options start to come into focus. Again, file this under G for ‘A Good Thing’ (or A if you do your alphabetising like a Neanderthal). Because while the shooting has been rock-solid since the 2004 debut, there’s no escaping that most of that shooting has taken place in corridors or other environmental funnels. But this time things are a whole lot less linear.

    Hands on with the new PS4 controller at E3 – Clickable touchpad & better everything

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    at 04:55pm June 12 2013
    PS4 Dualshock 4 controller

    E3 gave me my first hands on with the new PS4 controller and I have to say it was actually not what I expected. There are lots of subtle changes at play from overall scale to button profiles, trigger resistances and more. But importantly it’s all for the better.

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