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    Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD review – Has the redressed adventure made more of its looks?

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    at 04:49pm January 20 2014
    Assassin's Creed Liberation HD

    Back in the day I reviewed the Vita version of Liberation. In short: I didn’t like it. It was technically shoddy, with glitches aplenty, possessed an uninteresting story, and shoehorned in touchpad mechanics for no Earthly reason. One of these issues has been fixed in this PS3 HD re-release – stroking the back of your DualShock will achieve nothing bar making you look a bit weird – and another is certainly reduced, with far fewer immersion-shattering technical issues. However: I still don’t like it.

    Battlefield 4 PS3 review – Techs on the line in a fight over familiar territory

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    at 05:40pm November 5 2013
    Battlefield 4 PS3 review

    The war isn’t over yet. Despite our glowing Call Of Duty Ghosts review don’t think that DICE has thrown snake eyes in the annual shooter battle. Because while COD has been tried, tested, and shouted in our face on PS4, so far Battlefield only has the coal-powered platform of current gen on which to showcase its wares.

    Proteus PS3 review: A walk to remember

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    at 02:37pm October 29 2013

    When is a game not a game? Hopefully the nonsensical nature of this question makes it obvious that it’s rhetorical. I also don’t actually care – if I’m playing it, I’m happy to call it a game, and a beard-stroking discussion of semantics isn’t likely to affect my enjoyment.

    Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag PS4 review – Ship-shape up top, but old problems still persist below deck

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    at 08:01am October 29 2013
    Assassin's Creed 4 comicon assets

    For a franchise with this particular title, it’s peculiar how few of the games in Ubisoft’s Templar-hunting series have actually been centred on killing. Or, more specifically, as there is a hell of a lot of death, contract killing. Assassinating, if you will. It was there in the first game, just not very well implemented. In the second, which is still easily the series’ high point, the high-profile murders were done excellently. But ever since, as the games have expanded, and more distractions have been put in place, focus on the satisfying ‘plan your approach’ type hits has fallen by the wayside. How does Assassin’s Creed 4 do?

    The Wolf Among Us: Faith PS3 review – Fairytale of New York keeps Telltale walking ahead

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    at 12:31pm October 28 2013

    Well, we can all feel reassured now. Reassured that Telltale Games isn’t going to go down with Nena and the Baha Men as a one-hit wonder, reassured that The Walking Dead wasn’t a freak occurrence caused by a localised electrical storm, and reassured that season two is likely to be a corker. But The Wolf Amoung Us’ dark fantasy tale is so much more than a zombie palette cleanser – it actually outdoes it predecessor at times.

    What’s it like meeting Dark Souls 2 Mirror Knight? Hard. Really, really hard.

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    at 11:36am October 17 2013
    Dark Souls 2 Mirror Knight

    “That’s the best anyone’s done so far.” These words from Namco Bandai’s PR are meant to come as consolation, but of course they don’t. It’s the game equivalent of your mum telling you that the only reason you didn’t win at sports day is because the other boys are bigger. Yeah, Mum, they’re also faster and stronger – that’s kind of the whole point. Well Dark Souls 2’s Mirror Knight sure is stronger and a whole lot bigger, but I know I can beat him.

    Battlefield 4 – DICE talk shooter fatigue & PS4 touchpad grenade “flicking”

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    at 03:40pm October 14 2013

    Bigger doesn’t always mean better. So while it may not do the numbers of Activision’s mega-franchise, DICE’s take on multiplayer warfare, Battlefield 4, is often thought of as the critic’s choice. One for the purist, it values teamwork and tactics over twitch shooting and teabagging. Such an approach has garnered it a justifiably large and passionate community – and a reputation to uphold as we move to PS4. So who better to explain how to win the online war than multiplayer producer Aleksander Grondal.

    Assassin’s Creed 4 PS4 hands-on: why Black Flag flies highest on PS4

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    at 05:00pm September 30 2013

    A recent extended hands-on with the latest Assassin’s game confirms that the PS4 version is where it’s at. Here we look at 7 reasons why…

    Call Of Duty: Ghosts PS4 preview – outer space slaughter and killer castles

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    at 10:00am September 26 2013
    COD Ghosts_Odin Fires_1380040668

    Two things stood out from our latest behind-closed-doors look at Infinity Ward’s upcoming shooter. Firstly, astronauts are way handier with guns than we ever expected, and secondly, the team’s onto a winner with their new Stonehaven multiplayer location.

    New Call Of Duty: Ghosts PS4 shots – “I can see my castle from up here…”

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    at 10:00am September 26 2013
    COD Ghosts_Odin Spacewalk_1380040670

    Six fresh next-gen screens have emerged from our latest behind-closed-doors look at Call Of Duty: Ghosts on PS4. They mainly show astronauts (not knowing they’re about to be brutally slaughtered by terrorists) and new multiplayer map Stonehaven.

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