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    mini round up

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    at 01:00pm June 28 2012

    Here’s this month’s best pick of minis on PSN. From fishing to sports, fairgrounds to running – these are the little games doing the rounds on PSP and Vita.

    FIFA 12: The Harry Shovel Diaries – Part 7

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    at 04:28pm January 26 2012
    harry shovel

    This week footy journalist Iain MacIntosh’s fictional FIFA 12 Southend United management career hits a bump as gaffer Harry Shovel meets an inquisitive journalist with some tricky questions about his… unusual motivational techniques.

    FIFA 12: The Harry Shovel Diaries – Part 6

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    at 03:43pm January 12 2012
    Screen shot 2012-01-12 at 3.33.29 pm

    He’s back. Football journo Iain Macintosh returns to apply his unique take on team motivation in FIFA 12′s career mode in the first of this year’s Harry Shovel diaries. This instalment sees a novel tip for those struggling to clarify the offside rule.  He called me into his office. Can you believe that? Can you believe the temerity of the man? I haven’t got time to be getting called into people’s offices, even if they do own…

    FIFA 12: The Harry Shovel Diaries – Part 5

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    at 03:09pm December 14 2011
    Screen shot 2011-12-14 at 3.02.10 pm

    A hearty dose of discipline is in store this week as the Southend United manager responds badly to a player’s request for a rest in the latest instalment of Iain Macintosh’s FIFA 12 career mode diary.

    FIFA 12: The Harry Shovel Diaries – Part 4

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    at 12:37pm December 1 2011
    FIFA 12 PS3

    This latest instalment of footy journalist Iain Macintosh’s FIFA 12 diary sees the titular Southend Gaffer get down to the nitty-gritty, and draw tears from the faces of men who spend every Saturday cropping people for laughs. It’s a corker this part four, so read on.

    FIFA 12: The Harry Shovel Diaries – Part 3

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    at 10:46am November 17 2011
    FIFA 12 PS3

    Here’s the latest episode of Ian Macintosh’s inimitable FIFA 12 manager diary, which follows the plucky Southend gaffer’s trials and tribulations on his journey to… well, hopefully at least the Championship. Maybe even the Champions’ League?

    FIFA 12: The Harry Shovel Diaries – Part 2

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    at 02:42pm November 2 2011
    FIFA 12 Career Mode Iain Macintiosh

    Football journalist Iain Macintosh returns with his second instalment of The Harry Shovel diaries, detailing ups and (mainly) downs of his torrid time in charge of Southend United in FIFA 12′s Career Mode. This week: building from the back…

    FIFA 12: The Harry Shovel Diaries – Part 1

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    at 04:13pm October 19 2011
    Screen shot 2011-10-19 at 4.09.38 pm

    In a new fortnightly regular, journalist Iain MacIntosh looks to carve out a new living for himself as a football manager… in FIFA 12’s career mode. Can he take his beloved Southend United all the way to the Premiership or will he fade back into obscurity faster then you can say “Les Reed”? Stay tuned in the coming months to see for yourself…

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