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    SteamWORLD Dig PS4 review – subterranean quest uncovers a gem

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    at 12:42pm March 27 2014
    Steamworld dig PS4

    Apparently robots have things other than world domination on their minds in SteamWORLD Dig. Exploring mines left to them by their recently deceased relatives, for instance – quick, somebody inform the tabloids. And to be fair, there is some pretty good stuff to be discovered down there, in the form of steampunk gadgets and gizmos and more valuable rocks than even Garrett could pilfer.

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes PS4 review – We built this city on block and roll

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    at 11:47am December 10 2013
    Lego Marvel Superheroes review

    It’s official: no film franchise is safe from Lego’s relentless campaign of blockification. This time out silver screen stars Hulk, Wolverine, Spidey and more succumb to Traveller’s Tales’ adorable miniaturisation treatment. Bruce Banner’s smashy green alter-ago may not seem the type to provoke cries of ‘Aww!’, but just like the Harry Potter and Batman games that went before it, Lego Marvel Super Heroes treats its subject matter with due reverence and attention to detail.

    Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two PS Vita review – Falling into a mouse trap

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    at 12:20pm September 25 2013
    Epic Mickey 2 move

    The most frustrating thing about this 3D puzzle-platformer? How good it could have been. With the House Of Mouse licence and Warren ‘Deus Ex’ Spector at the helm, old big ears’ Vita debut ought to have been ace – and fragments of a good game do shine through at points. Sadly, other frustrations hold it back by its giant lugholes. I’ll get to those in a moment.

    Time And Eternity PS3 review – Two heads not necessarily better than one

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    at 03:27pm September 23 2013
    time and eternity ps3 review

    When you say “I do”, you hope for a nice, sunny honeymoon and some kitchenware off your John Lewis wedding list. ‘Ninjas storming in and offing your new hubby before you’ve even managed to land the traditional smacker’ does not feature so highly in the expectations. But so it goes in Time And Eternity, a heroine-switching JRPG, which features the standard amount of ‘WTF?’ and little else to distinguish it from the pack.

    Spelunky PS3 / Vita review – The sound of the underground

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    at 03:52pm September 19 2013
    Splelunky PS3 Vita review

    Confession time: I have never made it past the second of Spelunky’s tricksy four worlds. I have died quite literally hundreds of times. Injury comes thick and fast, and there are plenty of things here that want to make you dead. I’m still having nightmares about all those giant bastard spiders.

    Lego Legends Of Chima: Laval’s Journey PS Vita review – Kiddie-friendly block ‘n’ roll

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    at 11:12am September 2 2013
    Lego Legends Of Chima: Laval's Journey

    Don’t worry if the title’s left you baffled. If, like me, you’re less-than-up on what’s currently down with the kids, you could be forgiven for not knowing in advance that Legends Of Chima is the Danish brick-peddler’s latest ‘theme’ of toys for parents to be pestered into purchasing. It’s also the latest block-based outing from Traveller’s Tales, combining familiar staples from games past – platforming and puzzling, with a dash of combat for good measure – into a handheld offering that’s fun for big kids as well as small, albeit in fewer ways.

    Disney Infinity PS3 review – Expansion figures highly in the House Of Mouse’s latest

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    at 06:00pm August 18 2013
    Disney Infinity screens and info

    Like so many of my generation, I spent many a happy, slack-jawed childhood hour in front of Uncle Walt’s finest VHS tapes. These days, however, kids can get their Disney fix in interactive digital form thanks to Infinity. The wonders of modern technology, and so forth. In the mould of Activision’s megaton Skylanders franchise, this is a cheerful, child-friendly action-adventure, with plastic figurines you slot into a base to unlock various elements. It’s a nicely detailed trip into some well-loved franchises, albeit rather biased towards more recent characters and with a steep price tag.

    Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons PS3 review – A family outing you won’t want to avoid

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    at 03:46pm August 7 2013
    brothers a tale of two sons ps3 review

    Remember what they say about a job that needs doing properly? This co-op puzzler sure does, because here you control both protagonists yourself. At the same time. And despite clocking in at under five hours, this is a bold and brilliant exploration of family, fantasy and fortitude.

    Arcania: The Complete Tale PS3 review – Closer to orc-ful than awesome

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    at 04:44pm August 4 2013
    Arcania: The Complete Tale PS3 review

    Although it feels that way when the alarm goes off at 7am, I’m pretty certain I don’t sleep with my arms and half of my head clipped into the bed. But then again, I’m not a character in Arcania: The Complete Tale. A showcase for PS3’s visuals this ain’t – textures take up to a second to pop in, too, even at close range. While this 2010 third-person role-player –…

    Terraria PS3 review – Blocky adventure to the power of two (dimensions)

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    at 04:36pm June 6 2013
    Terreria ps3

    In Terraria – a charming, exploration-heavy craft-’em-up originally released to great acclaim on PC back in 2011 – it’s not winter you need to worry about. Night is coming. And after dark is when the beasties come out to play. The wisest course of action? Get the heck indoors, and stay there unless armed to the 8-bit teeth. Terraria PS3 review I was hazily aware of this when darkness first…

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