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    South Park: The Stick Of Truth PS3 review – Turn-based toon is no Mr Hankey

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    at 08:00am March 4 2014
    South Park The Stick Of Truth

    Part of me was always a little nervous about this. South Park: The Stick Of Truth mixing the foul-mouthed obsession of my youth, with the cast-iron tropes of a traditional turn-based RPG. “South Park?” I’d wonder aloud. “Actual South Park? In an RPG? Surely this isn’t going to work?”

    Strider PS4 review – I can be your Hiryu, baby

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    at 12:03pm February 24 2014
    Strider PS4 screens

    You’d think bringing an 8-bit icon like Strider back into the gaming fold would be risky. Balancing some vigorous nods to the past, while injecting a fresh dose of DNA could have easily ended in a halfway house no one really wanted to occupy. Well, clearly no one told Double Helix that, because Strider takes all the elements that made its predecessors so incredible and makes this new effort look… well, effortless.

    South Park: The Stick Of Truth gameplay preview – A Song Of Ass And Fire

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    at 03:37pm February 14 2014
    South Park The Stick Of Truth

    We know what you’re thinking: South Park and an RPG in the same package? They might as well do Games Of Thrones karting game, right? Well, okay we would pay good money to go tearing around King’s Landing but that’s not the point. Obsidian has clearly thought long and hard about striking the right balance between creating a world that’s South Park through and through, while maintaining a gameplay experience that’s simple enough for novices and deep enough for the experienced turn-based battlers out there.

    Blacklight: Retribution PS4 review – Overpriced even at £0.00

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    at 05:10pm January 21 2014

    Few games dare to dabble in magic, so Blacklight Retribution’s big trick is quite the sight to behold: Load it up, drop into a match and – ta-daaa! – you’d never guess you were playing a next-gen shooter.

    War Thunder PS4 review – Flying without wi… – wait, no, falling

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    at 03:29pm January 21 2014
    war thunder

    Remember the days before you discovered videogames? When running around the house with toy planes was the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon? Well, War Thunder – with its fleet of Spitfires, Yaks, Kingcobras and the rest – is guaranteed to rekindle memories of boyhood dogfights. Just don’t be shocked when it slaps those Spitfires from your hand and shouts: “Eyes open, Boy! This is WAR!”

    Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse – Episode 1 review – meet the point-and-clickstarter

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    at 12:36pm January 16 2014

    You know you’re onto something good when you’ve been walking around the same room for over an hour without the slightest hint of boredom. My usual short attention span should have me rage-tapping the rear touchpad in frustration – or bailing entirely to have a mild fit at the latest music video/filth reel from Miley – but instead I’m flitting between suspects at a crime scene, uncovering clues, keys and evidence like an adrenaline-fuelled Poirot.

    Skylanders: Swap Force PS3 review – Toy-related collectathon returns with a new trick

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    at 05:22pm December 6 2013
    Skylanders: Swap Force ps3 review

    Trying to explain to your other half why a 27 year-old man is sat in a dark room surrounded by kids toys might sound a tad weird, but there’s something unhealthily moreish about the sugar coated world of Skylanders: Swap Force. It’s a bit like the way FIFA’s Ultimate Team taps into that childish (read: OCD) glee to fill your latest Premiership sticker album with endless boosters. A few toys and a couple of collectables later and I’m ten years old again and living life to the max.

    Contrast PS4 review – Stylish charmer steps out from the shadows

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    at 10:52am December 6 2013
    contrast ps3 screens

    It’s almost impossible not to love Contrast, with its noir-tinged glitz and Parisian swagger. Set in a dreamscape snapshot of Europe in the ‘20s, it’s a puzzle-platformer full of interesting ideas, beautiful designs and a story that’ll break your heart if you let it. But, like any true romance, your love affair with Contrast won’t be without its domestic hiccups.

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