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    Injustice: Gods Among Us PS4 review – When worlds, fists, and Mortal Kombat leftovers collide

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    at 05:19pm December 18 2013
    Injustice Gods Among us ps4

    Rather fittingly for a fighter centred on the masked heroes and villains of the DC universe, this is a game typified by impostors and mistaken identity. The masquerade theme kicks off in the game’s single-player Story mode, a gloriously silly campaign that sees a bunch of the ‘real’ DC champions and evil-doers transported to a parallel universe in which an expanding empire of twisted heroes are taking control of the world, lead by a surly-looking Superman.

    DmC: Devil May Cry PS3 review – What’s dazzling you is the nature of my game

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    at 08:00am January 14 2013
    DmC Devil May Cry PS3 screens

    When you finish DmC for the first time, the most notable of the virtual trinkets, baubles and inevitable concept art you unlock is the first chunk of a three-part reskin for Dante. It enables you to give him white hair. Thing is, you won’t want to use it. Because by the time you’ve got to the end of the game – by the time you’ve come to really know the new Dante and understand everything that his extended family at Ninja Theory has achieved with its relentlessly on-point reimagining of Devil May Cry – any move back towards the trappings of the old series will feel like a ludicrous retrograde step.

    DmC: Devil May Cry hands-on – Why it’s an improvement on the old series whether you like it or not

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    at 03:00pm November 1 2012

    Rebooting a franchise is an issue of context. At its core, the job is to isolate the essence of the original work and then figure out how to recreate it in new surroundings. The job is to refresh what matters by losing what doesn’t and replacing it with something better. In DmC, the importance of context goes a bit deeper than that. Because while Ninja Theory are certainly doing all of the above and succeeding with unapologetic gusto, the varying reactions to their efforts have hinged on context too.

    The XCOM: Enemy Unknown Iron Man war diaries: A tale of love, loss, death, glory, and a lot more death

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    at 02:26pm October 22 2012
    XCOM tips don't move out

    XCOM can be an emotional experience. I knew that going into this. It’s not just about the attachment you get to your longest-serving little action-figure heroes. It’s not just the anguish you feel when one of them dies, or the gut-wrenching internal struggle as you try to decide whether to resurrect him with a reload or respect the poignancy of his death. It is about all of those things of course, but it’s Just as much about the way that mistakes, last-ditch tactical inspiration and the luck of the stats can blend together on the battlefield to manufacture bona fide war-movie drama as glorious, painful and exhilarating as anything you’ve ever experienced in a cinema.

    Xcom Enemy Unknown PS3 review – Middle management has never been so badass

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    at 01:00pm October 8 2012
    Xcom enemy unknown PS3 review

    Funny how canny presentation can completely alter your perception of something. Underneath Xcom’s approachable, sci-fi movie exterior operates a precision machine of cold, hard maths, sharp strategy, forward planning and yet more maths. But layer said mechanism with a glossy coating of action-game camera angles, cinematic killcams and a damnably likeable ambience neatly straddling ‘epic’ and ‘schlocky’, and you can forget any hint of this being a stuffy beard-stroking affair.

    Tokyo Jungle PS3 review – Good-natured but not quite house-trained

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    at 04:21pm September 14 2012

    Apparently the product of a militant eco-warrior’s cheese dream after a day at Longleat, Tokyo Jungle is the world’s first post-apocalyptic, multi-generational animal dynasty management action-RPG. It’s also a bloody multi-species combat sim and part-time bestial fancy dress sex-comedy. Admit it, you’re interested.

    6 new emotions that zombies should express in this era of sophisticated modern video games

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    at 10:58am March 21 2012
    Emotional zombies Insecurity

    Games, as you know, are an ever-evolving medium in the exciting adolescence of their narrative development. But much like human adolescence, not everything is having the decency to develop at the same time. Thus, while graphics, storytelling and characterisation are all becoming more and more sophisticated, certain stock traditions and tropes remain woefully unevolved.

    Things that are now a thing because of PS Vita

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    at 11:54am February 23 2012
    Vita image 6

    The PlayStation Vita is going to change things, and not just in gaming. Oh yes, its vastly impressive horsepower and multitude of interconnective online doohickies will absolutely reshape the way you play games on the move, but its tech and functionality are going to make more wide-reaching changes too. Cultural changes. Social changes. Day-to-day changes. Really weird changes that have you doing some really odd stuff without realising how odd…

    The biggest PS3 games that will change 2012

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    at 01:01pm January 9 2012
    GTA 5 PS3 screens

    This is always the most exciting part of a console generation. The part when all the technology is sussed out, the developers (barring Bethesda) no longer have to spend 18 months faffing around trying to make a PS3 game work, and everyone can just concentrate on piling all of their efforts into the creative side. Whatever tech the next gen might bring, it’s always this latter part of a previous…

    Batman: Arkham City sequel – What do the Easter eggs tell us?

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    at 04:05pm November 15 2011

    Arkham Asylum, it’s fair to say, was packed with sequel-related Easter eggs and teasers to a borderline nonsensical degree. And now that Arkham City is with us, Rocksteady have done it again. But as with everything carried over from the first game to the second, the hints have been scale up to a head-spinning degree. It’s taken a while, but I’ve fine-toothed the game to within an inch of its…

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