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    From Twitter with love: 10 things we know about PS4 from Shuhei Yoshida tweets

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    at 10:36am September 23 2013
    Shuhei Yoshida

    Forget the newswire, magazines, game and trade shows – one of the most vital sources of PS4 info is Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida’s personal twitter feed. We’ve trawled through the man’s many tweets to gather all the important – and unexpected – details in one place.

    12 Things You Need To Know About PS4

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    at 10:58am September 17 2013
    PS4 pictures of the box console

    Facts, trivia and all the nuggets of PS4 info you didn’t know. Or were afraid to ask about. From Gaikai and Dualshock 4 to maximum player counts and video capture, plus something life-changing about those L2/R2 triggers… The news, facts and fun stuff that got lost in the buzz.

    The ultimate PS4 guide – everything there is to know & every question answered

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    at 12:03pm September 9 2013
    PS4 guide

    The next PlayStation is just over a month away. Take a deep breath. And prepare yourself for launch with our new, improved essential guide to PS4: from where and what to buy to the future of gaming in your living room. Every question answered.

    “While others changed their story” – big Sony quotes & what they mean for PS4′s future

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    at 11:20am August 23 2013
    Andrew House

    Conferences, announcements, endless Q&As… on the run-up to PS4′s November 29th release date there’s already been a lot said – and misheard – about PS4, and sometimes the most important messages can be lost in the noise. For your ears only, we’ve dug out the quotes we think will come to define the next decade of PlayStation.

    How PS4 tech could shake up stealth games forever – touch controls, second screens, access to your Facebook…

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    at 10:24am August 20 2013
    MGS 5 e3 screens

    Stealth games haven’t really changed since Snake first climbed out of the water way back on PS1. There are walls. You hide behind them. Strangle people. You know the drill. However, PS4′s heaving feature-set could completely shake up the way we sneak, snipe and sleuth forever…

    10 reasons PS4 will beat PS3 from day one – prepare to want one even more

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    at 01:33pm August 10 2013
    Amazon PS4

    If you haven’t yet realised just how much of a leap the next generation of PlayStation is going to be, allow us to be your guide. We outline the things PS4 is doing differently and the tech that’s going to make your PS3 feel old real fast.

    Can Home survive on PS4? We check the pulse of Sony’s virtual resort

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    at 03:26pm August 9 2013

    There’s still no place like it… mainly because of all the body-popping dudes wearing shoddy avatar tees. Home is a bold experiment that – against expectation – has remained a quiet, slow-burning mainstay in the PS3 ecosystem, amassing a huge catalogue of content and fervent fans. And yet it’s the one thing nobody’s talking about amidst all the next-gen predictions. So the question is: with PS4 packed full of new socially focused features, will Home survive on next-gen?

    PS3 stuff we want to see on PS4 – is there hope for Home and an encore for Singstar?

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    at 10:18am August 8 2013

    While the PS4 is all about shiny new technology and fresh ideas there’s a load of PS3 stuff we’re not ready to say goodbye to just yet. From Home to Singstar and more here’s some of Sony’s current gen potential we want carried over to the future.

    Games that need PS4′s second screen – from a Drake’s journal app to an MGS 5 open world map & more

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    at 10:32am August 6 2013
    ps4 second screen

    With plenty of PS4 games offering up second screen possibilities via Vita, tablets and phones there’s a big list of titles that could benefit from a second point of view or a touchscreen. Here’s our choice of franchises that could benefit and how they should go about it.

    PS4 launch day preparations – 10 essential things to consider for pre-release

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    at 10:59am August 2 2013
    PS4 guide

    Okay so there’s no actual PS4 release date save ‘Winter 2013′ but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little organised. A small amount of preparation can only make your first moments with PlayStation 4 a smooth and beautiful experience so have a read and think ahead.

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