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    DmC: Devil May Cry tips – here’s our guide to making the demon slaying that little bit easier

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    at 11:17am January 16 2013
    DmC Devil May Cry Bloody Palace mode screens

    Despite the fears of the internet hate-mongers, DmC is every bit as hardcore, complex and satisfying as a game bearing the Devil May Cry name should be. But fear not. Having played the game from start to finish and accrued more than a few S ranks along the way, I’ve decided to bestow upon you the gory fruits of my violent labours. The blood oranges of my experience if you will. Or, you know, the 9 things I wish I’d known before I started.

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2 – our sequel wishlist

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    at 09:51am November 8 2012
    XCOM alien campaign

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a near perfect game. A flawess balance of obsession-forming tactical depoth, accessible Saturday morning sci-fi presentation, level-grinding addiction and none-more-tearjerking emotional attachment, it’s brain-teasing, rivetting and exhilarating in equal measure. But note that I just said “near-perfect”. With sales having apparently been good (faith in humanity restored!) a sequel is (hopefully) inevitable. And that sequel can improve on XCOM. Here’s what I want in it.

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown strategy guide – 9 tips to save the world like a pro

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    at 09:50am October 9 2012

    Venturing into XCOM’s world of strategic, turn-based alien-slaughter for the first time? Feeling intimidated by the most sterotypically beard-stroking of genres? Don’t. Our primer tips will set you off like ET exterminating boss.

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