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    The Batman Arkham Origin’s villains – the assassins we want to see and how the boss fights might work

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    at 09:53am April 15 2013
    batman arkham origins screen 2

    With Batman: Arkham Origins’ announcement our Bat senses set to tingling over who the 8 assassins would be that were sent to off the Dark Knight. So far only Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) has been revealed and whilst he’s a formidable enough foe (laying Batman out several times) we’ve got some ideas about who we’d like to see make the transition to PS3 for a Bat-hunt.

    No more black and white: why we need videogame morality to evolve

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    at 10:19am July 24 2012
    infamous 3 karma

    In Richard Kelly’s 2001 film Donnie Darko, the titular character is presented with a self-help plan where all human decisions are plotted on a line between two emotions, fear and love. “There are other things that need to be taken into account here.” He says. “Like the whole spectrum of human emotion. You can’t just lump everything into these two categories and then just deny everything else.” He’s right y’know. And games been wrong for far too long.

    Then and Now: How great games have changed

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    at 09:00am July 13 2012
    now and then

    We look at the mainstays of PlayStation and how they’ve changed from those rose tinted adventures of yesteryear to the AAA tentpole releases of today. Some have massively deviated from their early beginnings, others… not so much.

    PlayStation’s Best Dressed

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    at 10:10am July 3 2012

    We delve into the wardrobes of PlayStation’s finest to find the sharpest dressed characters in gaming. Savile Row style, fine tailoring and, um, leather trench coats.

    The PlayStation Casting Couch

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    at 09:00am June 26 2012
    Guybrush & Stephen

    We’re fed up of Hollywood botching all the casting decisions for adaptations of our favourite games so we’ve tried our hand at fitting the face to the role, resisting the urge to put Christopher Walken in as everyone.

    PlayStation Avengers: we assemble a world-saving PS3 dreamteam

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    at 01:00pm May 15 2012

    In the wake of Joss Whedon’s all conquering juggernaut of a film we’re shamelessly jumping aboard the bandwagon to assemble our own squad of PlayStation Avengers.

    Assassin’s Creed 3: 7 reasons it’ll be amazing

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    at 01:00pm April 25 2012

    There’s a lot changing in Assassin’s Creed 3. From the new combat to the American Revolution setting. Here are 7 reason why it’ll be amazing.

    inFamous 3: 6 things we want to change

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    at 05:09pm April 23 2012

    When Cole and the gang return for a fresh super-powered adventure these are the new things we want to see in inFamous 3.

    The Playstation Quiz: Spot that beard!

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    at 09:00am April 23 2012

    We’ve drafted in some outside beard expertise and done a damnably hard quiz on the best beards and moustaches to have dodged a shave on the PlayStation. We’ve mixed it up but you’d be surprised how similar one beard looks to another when your hirsute specialist has ham-fistedly photoshopped them to abstraction.

    The Worst PlayStation Peripherals

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    at 04:00pm March 19 2012
    playstation's worst peripherals feature

    The announcement of the eye-gougingly pointless Ninja Gaiden Move peripheral got us thinking; what other pieces of supposedly hi-tech plastic tat have we seen making promises their unwieldy arses couldn’t keep. Throughout the history of Sony’s machines we’ve had a few, most of them cropping up in the post-Guitar Hero boom and some, like the guitars, were briefly cool and interesting. But most of the peripherals we’ve used have lost…

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