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    Female characters don’t sell? 8 gaming heroines that could prove otherwise

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    at 09:49am March 22 2013

    Earlier this week the old argument that ‘female characters don’t sell games’ reared its ugly head again. Yet we were able to find eight gaming heroines that have the ability to prove otherwise – fancy that.

    9 things Sony is doing right with PS4 – the features & tech that’ll change the way you game

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    at 10:21am March 18 2013
    GaiKai Streaming

    Not entirely sure what a teraflop is? You’re not alone. We’ve got the PS4′s specs, but what exactly will they mean for us gamers? Here are just a few reasons why Sony has our attention for the next generation of consoles.

    7 Reasons why Bioshock Infinite is the real Bioshock 2

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    at 10:24am March 11 2013
    The View From Columbia

    We may not be in Rapture anymore Toto, but here are just a few reasons why Infinite is still unmistakeable addition to the Bioshock series and the true Bioshock 2, building on the same themes and ideas that began under the sea. What goes up, must come down.

    The Witcher 3 – 7 things we’d like to see on PS4

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    at 11:47am March 4 2013
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Igni

    Ahead of The Witcher 3′s long-awaited debut onto PS4, we’ve listed seven features we’re hoping to see in the latest and supposedly last incarnation of this mature fantasy RPG. If you’re new to the series, now’s the time to find out more.

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