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    Why PS4 game prices need to learn from Steam

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    at 12:11pm August 14 2013

    The savings passed from bypassing packaging, printing and transport should pass on to us. Games are overpriced – but as Valve has proven, they don’t have to be.

    Tales Of Xillia PS3 review – Big in Japan, but Ni No love in the West

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    at 05:00pm August 6 2013

    During its first week on sale in Japan, Tales Of Xillia – originally released in 2011 – sold half a million copies. That should give you an idea of just how popular the series is out East. In the West, the games have a cult following among hardcore JRPG fans, but have yet to leak into the mainstream as successfully as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.

    The biggest freaks on PlayStation

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    at 09:00am June 22 2012

    The weird, the odd and the just down right wrong. Here are 10 of the biggest freaks to ever have graced your PlayStation.

    The 10 best PlayStation shooters

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    at 09:43am June 19 2012

    There are shooters, then there are *shooters*. While the FPS genre is pretty packed at the best of times some trigger games rise clearly above the pack: these are those – the top shooters on PlayStation.

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: 10 characters we DON’T want

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    at 09:43am June 18 2012

    With the PlayStations All-Stars Battle Royale cast list slowly growing here are a select bunch of characters we DO NOT WANT. It’s nothing personal but, just no.

    The 10 most emotional PlayStation moments

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    at 10:02am June 12 2012

    It’s not all angry men shooting. Here are 10 of the most emotional moments in PlayStation gaming. If one of these hasn’t tugged at your heart strings then you’re a robot.

    E3′s 10 biggest surprises

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    at 09:00am June 8 2012
    e3 surprises

    As this year’s show comes to a close here are E3′s 10 biggest surprises – the things we just weren’t expecting. For better or worse.

    The 10 best PlayStation boss fights ever

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    at 09:00am May 25 2012

    These are the gaming moments you remember: classic battles that have you on the edge of your seat. Everything from MGS3′s The End to Batman: Arkham City’s Mr Freeze: these are the 10 best PlayStation boss fights ever.

    The 10 worst PlayStation boss fights ever

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    at 09:00am May 24 2012

    Done well a boss fight can be a challenging and rewarding experience – the chance to test your skills and bask in the glow of being really good at games. These aren’t that. These are the worst, most poorly thought out and damn right irritating boss fights ever.

    The 10 best PlayStation games no one played

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    at 10:12am May 11 2012

    Here are 10 of the best PlayStation games no one played. Lost that were brilliant but ignored. Any in your library? Kudos to you.

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