New Project CARS trailer, PES 2015 PS4 screens, and all Dragon Age: Inquisition’s party members named – PlayStation round up

Dragon Age Inquisition screens ps4

Good, hard facts. That’s the name of the game in today’s round up. Video evidence of Project CARS’ imminent shaking-up and knocking down of the driving genre as a whole appeared today to coincide with Bandai Namco’s announcement that it’s taking the game under its wing. Screens have also surfaced from FOX engine-powered footy hopeful PES 2015 that demonstrates how Konami hopes to prize FIFA’s deathgrip off the new-gen trophy – look out for the genuinely terrifying Rooney render. And finally, BioWare’s revealed the full cast of nine potential party members in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and what they’re about.

PlayStation round up

  • If you’re the type of person who’s owned a force feedback steering wheel at one point in time, or you’ve ever messed around with a game’s gear ratios menu, you probably already know about Project CARS. It’s a hugely promising racing sim from Slightly Mad (of NFS Shift & Shift 2 Unleashed fame) coming to PS4 and Morpheus this autumn. Bandai Namco saw that promise and swooped in, announcing today that it’ll be publishing the game. To mark the occasion, here’s a new trailer.

  • And now the deeply troubling visage that is Wayne Rooney. Seen here chewing rocks in PES 2015, Roo’s rendered in Konami’s FOX engine. The first wave of details on new-gen’s first Pro Evo emerged today, and you can read all about them over at CVG along with additional screens.
  • All nine of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s possible party members have been revealed by BioWare today. They are: Cole, a quasi-demon from the novel Asunder, Solas the Elven mage, an enormous Qunari who goes by The Iron Bull, Sera the Eleven rogue (who has a great laugh, apparently), Blackwall the Grey Warden, returning DA2 companion Varric, power broker Cassandra Pentaghast, human mage Dorian, and finally Vivienne, who’s know as “The Lady of Iron.” Nice bunch, probably.