GTA 5 PS4 trailer remade shot for shot on PS3 – sweet Jeebus look how much better the new-gen version looks

Hats, monocles and any other facial garments off to, GTA Series Videos. Not only have they somehow managed to recreate Rockstar’s new PS4 trailer for GTA 5 incredibly faithfully, but in the process, they’ve also demonstrated just how much work has clearly gone into porting the Los Santos sandbox onto Sony’s new console.

GTA 5 on PS4 vs GTA 5 on PS3

Increased traffic counts, hugely improved character models, massively bumped up textures; oh sweet Trevor, dribble your new-gen improvements all over us. As you can see, this looks to be far from a lazy ‘lets just say its 1080p’ port. We’re beyond psyched to hop into what’s arguably the greatest open world game ever made. Hurry up, Autumn.