Ubisoft press conference round up – Far Cry 4, The Division, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Rainbow Six Siege and more – E3 2014

Microsoft and EA have taken their turns on the E3 2014 conference floor, now it’s Ubisoft’s turn to steal some limelight back. The Division, AC Unity, and a newly announced Rainbow Six game are chiefly on limelight-stealing detail, with showings from The Crew, Just Dance 2015 and more.

Ubisoft E3 2014 press conference round up

Here’s what you missed if you got an early night on day 1 of the conference…

  • Stop… Shoot… Stop… Shoot… Ubisoft kicks off its E3 conference with Far Cry 4, and an opening cinematic comprising the first five minutes of the game. After a peaceful Himalayan bus ride turns shooty, you meet what appears to be the game’s chief antagonist. He seems to be expecting you… Oh, and there’s selfies involved. Of course.
  • Just Dance 2015′s time in the spotlight now. Pharrell songs, community spirit, etc etc. Exec producer Jason Altman talks the crowd through how to play via smartphone, which allows groups of 20,000 people to join a single game. Obviously experienced dancers swarm the stage at this point to dance to a Lady Gaga song.
  • A modest showing for The Division this year – no gameplay, just cinematics. Impressive cinematics nontheless, which show a time lapse of the infection taking hold of New York City with artistic restraint. There’s also confirmation from Ubi that you’re not just fighting for survival and trying to take back the city, but uncovering a conspiracy that started the whole mess, too.
  • Coming to PS4 on November 11th is The Crew, the open world racer with no loading times, and as Julian Garrity (pictured here sporting the ensemble of the night) reveals, two-hour missions that take you from New York to LA and San Francisco. Again, very light on gameplay – just a hypnotic time lapse of said missions. Closed beta starts July 23rd.
  • Assassin’s Creed Unity gets a good reception in the hall with a cinematic that introduces Revolution era France via eagle ride, followed by the usual hooded melee bloodbath. We see four hooded figures on a rooftop next to each other in the last shot of that cinematic, possibly hinting at multiple player characters in the same time period. Ubi also shows off a real-time demo, which shows a marked and impressive step forwards for visuals, and what appears to be more frequent indoor/outdoor transitions than we’re used to so far. The mechanics and missions are very familiar by now, but the size and detail of crowds is much improved. Just, er, do make sure the game actually looks like this, won’t you Ubi?
  • Valiant Hearts gets a new trailer, prompting everyone watching on Twitch to type ‘THE FEELS’ in unison. We’re reviewing this one in the next issue, so if you liked the look of this WW1-inspired Ubiart Framework-powered game, you don’t have long to wait.
  • Rainbow Six Siege is Ubisoft’s new announcement of the night, signalling its existence with a tense and engaging multiplayer demo of the hostage rescue variety. It’s a five-on five, terrorist vs counterterrorist affair with a fresh take onRainbow Six’s planning phase – it’s powered by aerial and ground drones now, so as a CT you can see where the enemy’s hiding the hostage, and whether it has shields set up. It’s a familiar idea, and admittedly it’s also a totally scripted few minutes of gameplay, but all the same drips with excitement.