Sony E3 2014 press conference round up – Uncharted 4! GTA 5 on PS4! LittleBigPlanet 3! Far Cry 4! Batman: Arkham Knight!

BOOM. Take that, E3. It’s fair to say Sony enjoyed quite the press conference this year. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End! GTA 5 on PS4! Amazing real-time demos of Far Cry 4 and Batman: Arkham Knight! Destiny’s early access alpha, which you can play this weekend! LittleBigPlanet 3! Proper lovely and deeply scary in-game footage of The Order: 1886. We wouldn’t want to say anything as prosaic as “Sony won E3″, but… MIC DROP. Here are our live reactions, as they happened, so excuse the breathless brain blurb. Some of us have just pulled a near 18-hour shift. Check out our Facebook for images from the press conference.

    • Sony starts its conference with Destiny, and a new cinematic full of moody establishing shots, snippets of vehicular and ground combat, and an epic, swelling score. Andrew House takes to the stage to announce that Destiny is a PS4 timed exclusive, with closed beta access kicking off on 13 July. Starting this Thursday, PS4 gamers will also get the chance to take part in the alpha. There’s a Destiny bundle on the way in September too, which comprises a white PS4, a white DualShock 4, and 30 days of free PS Plus. Big scalp to start the night!
    • Sony keeps the unstoppable T2 truck rolling with a completely in-game The Order: 1886 demo. Looks truly beautiful, dripping in a sort of new-gen Dead Space atmosphere of dread, mesmerising lighting effects and dang powerful Victorian moustaches. Also: WEREWOLF ZOMBIES! This really looks like the horror game we’ve been seeking for close to a generation now. The wolf beastie stalking our hero really reminded us of Joel going up against a Clicker in The Last Of Us. Like Naughty Dog’s classic, senses seems to play a big part, with the monster able to track your scent.
    • New IP alert! Former Star Wars 1313 game director Dom Robilliard introduces Entwined, a twin-stick experience in which you control two spirits at once through several distinct ‘lifetimes’, each culminating in a sequence of 3D sculpting. Perfect sense, right? It’s VERY Sony.
    • New inFamous: Second Son DLC is called First Light and is a standalone product. You don’t need to own the full game to play it. Stars Fetch – aka Super Fast Purple Girl. Good, because her powers were easily the most enjoyable in the main game.
    • Straight off the back of that, LittleBigPlanet 3 is revealed. There are three new characters now – Oddsock can walljump, Toggle can move heavy stuff, and Swoop can fly. Its asymetric co-op in LBP. The presenters on stage make it look REALLY difficult.
    • FromSoftware’s Bloodborne is up next. It’s basically the spiritual successor to the original Demon’s Souls. Seems to sport a Victorian-style setting, while beast-harvesting is seen. All the footage is CG, so no idea if it’s open-world or not.
    • Dead Island 2 comes to life via a live action trailer – no gameplay, boo – in which an obnoxious man takes a jaunty beachside stroll while everyone around him is mauled by zoms. Doesn’t tell us a whole lot about the game, but wait for OPM issue 98 to hit the shelves for a closer look at this one.
    • So here’s that AMAZING seven minutes of Far Cry 4 again. Honestly, this is our game of the show so far. Running real-time on PS4, the gameplay footage guides you through Ubisoft’s take on the Himalayas, as new hero Ajay Ghale goes on an insanely breathless trip through the mountainous Kyrat. Highlights include… birds of prey that can snatch smaller animals or even attack Ghale from the sky. The developers allude to the fact these airborne predators can also be lured with bait. You can now drive and shoot at the same time. There’s a two-man helicopter called a Buzzer that looks stupidly fun to pilot. Ridable elephants are indeed a thing and can cause serious damage to your enemies and vehicles. You can basically co-op the whole thing with drop-in/drop-out features, though single-player missions seamlessly switch off when you do. Hurk from Far Cry 3 returns as the co-op buddy. Also, you can invite your PSN friends into the game, even if they don’t own the game. That’s one strong-ass PS3/PS4-exclusive feature. Note the square button prompt when Ghale goes to grab the rappelling equipment. Further proof the game is indeed running on PS4. And. Breathe.
    • Paradox is bringing Magicka to the PS4 for the first time via Magicka 2. Think really, really light-hearted Diablo with silly voices and strictly no faces and you’re pretty much there. Again, no gameplay on show but the trailer roused a few giggles, which is no small feat at this hour.
    • New Tim Schafer game… HOLY FUDGE. A PS4 remaster of Grim Fandango. It’s a PS4/Vita exclusive. That is exciting. The original PC classic is one of the greatest games of all time.
    • Dennaton’s got a fair few interesting titles on the way, it turns out – including Bro Force, Hotline Miami 2, and Not A Hero. Each was shown with such eye-melting pace and rapidity that we can’t really tell you much about either other than we like their art styles. Stay tuned.
    • Suda 51 is bringing his new game exclusively to PS4. Looks to be a violent monster-slayer, with copious hacking of bits. Appears it could be multiplayer. ’tis called Let It Die.
    • No Man’s Sky is up next. Hello Games indie effort is insanely ambitious and hints at letting you create and explore entire worlds. The real-time footage scans over a planet filled with goats… and dinosaurs… and spaceships. Ends with player getting into a craft and seamlessly soaring into orbit from the dino planet, before engaging in a huge space battle in the atmosphere above. The studio claims the procedurally generated universe in ‘infinite’, but in any case, the seamlessness genuinely looks astonishing. The footage takes in multiple different planets in one continuous flow with nary a loading screen in sight. THAT LOOKS SPECIAL.
    • As you might expect from a game made by Journey’s art director, Abzu is a thing of beauty. It looks like a deep sea exploration experience with some magical realism thrown in. Can’t wait.
    • Sony US boss Sean Layton just announced that YouTube is heading to the Share button later this year, in addition to the already existing Twitch and UStream connectivity. That’ll be handy.
    • PlayStation Now beta hits the US and Canada on PS4 31 July. No word on a UK launch yet. The service will then be rolled out on PS3, Vita and select Sony TV models. Beta will go live with over 100 PS3 games, including Ultra Street Fighter 4, Dead Space 3, God Of War: Ascension and MGS5: Ground Zeroes.
    • PlayStation TV is basically a Vita in a setup box. US pricing was given (with a start point of $99). Service will have access to over 1000 games. No word yet on whether we’ll get this in the UK.
    • Mortal Kombat X is up. Sony debuting the first in-game footage. Looks super slick… and kicky, with lots of footage of Scorpion and Sub-Zero tearing out hearts and other deeply unpleasant x-ray Fatalities. Runs with the tagline ‘Who’s next?’ We can only presume… uh, Bill Goldberg?
    • The Last Of Us: Remastered is shown. We really hope you’ve played the game, because that trailer started on a mega spoiler. The PS3 classic comes to PS4 in 1080p and includes all DLC. Release date is 29 July.
    • There’s a Ratchet & Clank movie on the way, with Insomniac games “heavily involved” in the process according to Andrew House. Movie and new PS4 game (no details yet) due first half of 2015.
    • A new trailer for MGSV: The Phantom Pain now. Big Boss rubs various things on his face, avoids being stabbed many times, and, er – well, it’s keeping its cards close to its kevlar-coated chestplate. Again, it’s cinematics rather than gameplay, continuing the theme of the night.
    • GTA 5 on PS4, b*tches! Coming to PS4 Fall 2014. That’s huge. THIS YEAR. Basically the best game of all time coming to PS4 this year. Sorry, are we stuck in repeato mode? You’ll be able to transfer your GTA Online saves and progress from PS3 onto PS4, too. YEAH!
    • Batman: Arkham Knight looks *and this is a banned OPM word, but what the hell* ‘stunning’. Over a five-minute real-time demo Rocksteady shows Bats tearing up the streets of Gotham in the Batmobile, which shows the quite staggering scale of the city as the Dark Knight skids around acres of streets. If City was a sandbox, this is a desert. PS4 is also getting exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare DLC missions.
    • And to end… TWISTED METAL 2. YEAH! Nah, just foolin’. Have some UNCHARTED 4: A THIEF’S END to the face. The footage looks incredible, as an older and wearier Drake awakens in a rainy forest, before the camera pans to a moonlit night with lots of skulls hanging in cages. Seems to hammer home the pirate theme. Start of the footage claims it’s recorded on PS4, so lets hope that’s in-game footage. If so, it looks truly sensational.


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