FIFA 15 PS4 preview E3 2014 – all the feels, Poznan’ing City fans and the best looking pitches ever

As a result, you see players genuinely emote beyond just an overly strung out right stick celebration. Strikers looks genuinely outraged if their wingers continually shank mishit crosses into them. Likewise, if one of their teammates feel like their poaching pal is getting overly rough treatment they rush over to his side to stick up for him after a bad tackle. Not only does this create a real visual sense of camaraderie, but it also affects tactics on the pitch.

Say you’re playing in a North London derby for that much coveted fourth place ‘trophy’ and you find yourself trailing with 15 minutes to go. Well, pull one back in the final ten and your side gains a hefty injection of belief and confidence, with your AI teammates providing more willing support in the aftermath of a goal.

Of course, you can also manually manipulate their gameplan, too. Now, new ‘In The Mixer’ and ‘Park The Bus’ tactics (activated at the extreme ends of the D-pad tactics spectrum) give you more nuance for hurried bombing forward/last ditch defending. Couple this with players who are now affected by the sense of occasion, and you’re left with a more convincing portrayal of the maddening, incredible theatre of football.

Having only played multiplayer matches in FIFA 15 to this point, it seems clear the full extent of these more personable presentation changes might be fully felt in Career Mode, which EA Canada isn’t talking about yet. Still, there are plenty of new, slightly less headline-grabbing features the studio is happy to open up about.

Deep breath… Physically Based Rendering (which creates a far more realistic lighting model); improved character models (players no longer look like they’re wearing shoulder pads); Correct Contacts (teams now regularly use the momentum of the ball to steer passes); crowd-specific animations (City fans Poznan); and Living Pitches. Eh? The last ‘un is a biggie, with grounds looking more believable thanks to huge texture improvements, which includes players finally leaving stud marks in the turf.

While the on-pitch action currently feels reassuringly familiar, FIFA 15 looks to be bold by being the first football game that might actually recreate the maddeningly addictive, life-dominating emotion that goes into supporting your club. “Are we going to make you cry?” adds Enrique. “I hope not.”

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