EA press conference round up: New Mirror’s Edge! New Mass Effect! FIFA 15! Battlefield Hardline! – E3 2014

Apologies for the exclams, but we had to get your attention somehow. EA has just wrapped up its E3 2014 press conference, showing very brief glimpses at Star Wars: Battlefront, new Mirror’s Edge and Mass Effect. Most excitingly, Sony has nailed down a console exclusive for Battlefield Hardline’s beta which opens… TODAY… on PS4! Like, it’s actually live now. That’s quite the coup for Sony.

EA E3 2014 press conference round up

Here’s a brief round up of what happened at the conference…

  • BioWare is showing Dragon Age: Inquisition. The real-time four player dragon fight looks strong. Thank the wonders of command/shift/4 for the mega blurry screen grabs you can find on our Facebook.
  • DICE has just shown a behind-the-scenes Star Wars: Battlefront video, with about 0.0000009 seconds of gameplay footage. The studio did big up its love of all things Skywalker, though.
  • Bruce Lee is in EA’s new UFC game. The game looks nice… the use of a dead martial artist sits less well with us.
  • NEW MASS EFFECT! Apart from BioWare talking about wanting to do something new, the studio also admits its Edmonton wing is making a new IP alongside the latest N7 quest. Also, there’s a brief shot of a Krogan.
  • NHL 15 now. EA Canada sure knows how to make attractive sports games. Every on-rink player is now governed by a whole heaping of physics.
  • Criterion Games is making a new IP. Cars, ATVs and wingsuits are all shown. No name as of yet.
  • Wow. EA really is showing sod all off with its new games. New Mirror’s Edge is talked about briefly, with the merest hint of prototype footage. Combat (despite rumours to the contrary) is still present, but there will be more focus on using Faith’s environment to beat your foes. Show us more gameplay!
  • FIFA 15 is all about the feels. Crowd-specific animations are the order of the day (Poznaning City fans), while players are affected by their emotions. Also, you can kick the corner flag! We’ve actually played this recently, and will update you more fully shortly.
  • Battlefield Hardline up next. It is indeed all about cops vs criminals. DICE is handling the multiplayer, while Visceral is on single-player duties. Interestingly, the latter is based on episodic police shows (think The Shield). Looks promising, considering Visceral’s experience on Dead Space and follows a young Miami detective. Multiplayer meanwhile, looks heavily indebted to Payday, and seems to be all about heists. Biggest of all, the beta opens today, and is a console exclusive on PS4. If you’ve got Battlefield 4 for PS4, click on the new Hardline menu option to access the beta or visit battlefield.com now. That really is quite the grab for Sony.