E3 2014 – the conference times, the games, and everything else you need to know

E3 2014 is upon us. Hope you’re all stocked up on triple espressos, because the next couple of days are about to get pretty wild. There are conferences from Sony and Microsoft to analyse and digest, in addition to the other major publisher show floor demos. Here’s everything you need to know about the coming days, including conference times and the games we’re expecting appearances from.

E3 2014 – everything you need to know

Conference times: First off, here are the conference times for all the big players, continuing into the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Red eyes all round:

Microsoft: 17.30
EA: 20.00
Ubisoft: 23.00
Sony: 02.00

We’ll be here to give you the round up on every conference as it happens, and in addition will be live tweeting through our @OPM_UK account.

Where to watch them: If you don’t have a lot on tomorrow or can operate on, like, no sleep at all, you can watch each conference at the following places:

Microsoft: Official stream, or Twitch stream (Yep, we know this is Official PlayStation Magazine and all, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the MS side for multiformat announcements)

EA: Official stream, or Twitch stream

Ubisoft: Youtube stream, or Twitch stream

Sony: Official stream, or Twitch stream

What to expect: Every year the games industry sewing circle goes into overdrive at around this time, so let’s sift through all the rumours and isolate the most likely.

- The Sony conference will reveal more on Project Beast, the Demon’s Souls sorta-sequel, and shed a bit more light on Driveclub. There are also more tentative rumours about an appearance for Uncharted 4, third party big-hitters Destiny and AC: Unity, and – well, of course there are Last Guardian whispers. Don’t hold your breath for that one to feature, though. We’ve all been hurt too many times… Expect a bit more on Project Morpheus too, particularly a price and release date.

- EA will most likely put Battlefield Hardline and good old reliable FIFA 15 in its headline slots, with appearances from Mirrors’ Edge 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 3 also looking likely. If that all goes as expected, it should be a strong showing.

- As for Ubisoft, Far Cry 4 is expected to be the biggest showing. All we’ve seen so far is what proved to be a controversial packshot and a confirmed Himalayan setting, so expect some smoothing over of PR cuts and bruises and – if we’re lucky – some gameplay. Assassin’s Creed, on generations past and present, will also take up a significant part of the schedule. Ubi likes to throw in a big surprise announcement too, so keep an eye out for a new triple-A before the evening’s through.

Don’t forget to follow the night’s events via the OPM Facebook and Twitter, where you can give us your reactions to events as they unfold. Also: watch us grow ever more incoherent as the hours roll by.


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